Friday, 27 June 2014


Hello, I'm Nicki. On the 19th of April 2014, at 28 years of age, I gave birth to 5lb14 bundle of boy joy who, after much indecision, my husband and I named 'Joseph'.

Me with my little family
I've been considering whether there's really any point in me writing a blog about this new chapter in my life; could I really contribute anything positive, worthwhile or useful to the overwhelming amount of information and opinions regarding all things 'baby' already available online. I decided that I probably couldn't, but that I wanted to share my experiences anyway, whether anyone reads them or not, and, more importantly, so that I can look back on my ramblings about this time in my life in the future. So I'm blogging for me, really, but if anyone does happen to stumble across this blog, please feel free to comment or suggest topics for future posts.

I plan to write a bit about my pregnancy and the birth, the preparations we made before Joseph arrived, and what we're finding works for our family now that he's here by way of baby paraphernalia, toys, classes, development, feeding, clothing and changing.
Joseph, on the eve of his two-month-a-versary
Nicki x

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  1. Hello from a new follower of your blog & Instagram! My (second) son was born on April 15th so just a few days before Joseph! :-)


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