Sunday, 20 July 2014

Bath time!

Joseph loves bath time! His first ever bath was a nerve-racking and tearful experience for everyone, and he had it when he was about two weeks old. He was so tiny and delicate, we were terrified of breaking him and he cried the whole time! These days, well, he's a chunky monkey and is happy to sit back, relax and be pampered! Joseph tends to have his bath around 6pm, every day, after drinking around half of his 'tea'. He then has the other half before going to bed at 7pm.
Two weeks vs Ten weeks. I love this photo so much!
We used to bathe Joseph in plain water, on advice of our midwife, but nowadays we use Johnson's top-to-toe because it was bought for us. We were also kindly bought loads of lovely Burt's Bees stuff, which I'd like to use once we finish the Johnson's products, but part of me does wonder whether I should be using lots of different products and brands on him in case it causes some sort of skin condition. I don't know if that's totally irrational; I've not looked into it. In hindsight, I should've probably started him on the Burt's Bees stuff as it's more natural than Johnson's; but I feel weirdly guilty if I don't use things that my mum buys me. I recently bought a jar of coconut oil; I've heard that is really good for baby's skin too, and it was half price in Holland & Barratt, but again I'm in a bit of a quandary as to what I should use next.

I'll never be good at pretty flatlays!
Here is what we currently use at Joseph's bath time;

Bath support by Jahgoo. We got this instead of a baby bath as a space-saver, as we live in a small bungalow with little storage, but I do wonder how much money we could save in water bills if we just filled up a baby bath instead of a big bath every night.

Phillips Avent bath & room thermometer. 37 is the magic number.

Boring hooded towel by Mothercare. I've seen some incredible novelty baby towels... sharks, whales, bunnies, ducks.... I need to get in on that!

Jug for rinsing hair/ generally pouring water on him. Got this one from IKEA; it's nowt special. I quite like the idea of the flexi rubber jugs that help to avoid pouring water in baby's eyes when pouring water on their heads, but Joseph doesn't seem fussed enough/ at all to warrant it.

Set of rubber duckies. Another lovely present from a family member. Joseph doesn't seem that interested in them at the moment, but I think he will be in future.

Gardeners kneeling pad. My knees were killing. Saw this in Wilko's and it made sense. Has made bath time much more comfortable!

Whale baby sponge. Set of 4 for £1 in Poundland. No hard glue or sharp bits, and cute. Perfect.

Wet wipes, a fresh nappy and pyjamas. I give his bum a wipe before I put him in the bath; particularly if he's done a poo.

Johnson's top-to-toe; we use it as a bubble bath and just sponge the foam that's created onto him.

Johnson's baby oil for post-bath massage. I don't really know what I'm doing when it comes to baby massage, I just rub it all over. I especially like massaging his tiny little feet. Apparently toes are related to gums in reflexology so it's good to massage them when baby is teething. Also, rubbing in a circular motion on the soles of their feet is good a good stress reliever. I've started doing it when Joseph's crying for no reason and it seems to calm him a bit (something I picked up at Baby Sensory!).

What bath products do you use?

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