Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Home, Sweet Home

Ruari and I have lived in the, rather large, village of Chartham for the last three and-a-bit years. I always tell people we live in 'the sticks', although Ruari resents me calling it that as he doesn't think our location is rural enough. But, being a girl who grew up in a seaside town on the British South Coast, to me it's pretty stick-like. And recently I've been really missing living by the sea.

Our humble abode.

We've been considering recently whether Chartham, and our current house (a small two-bedroom, 1950s, bungalow), is where we want to bring up Joseph and any other children we may have in the future. We'd both like one more baby, perhaps in a couple of years time but, as twins are in both of our genes, we're mentally preparing ourselves for the possibility that twins could happen. And if that were to happen, our house would not be big enough. In fact, it'd be a squeeze even if we just had just one more, but I find it comforting that our next door neighbours have managed to make it work with two young children so far.

We're lucky to live just a minute's walk away from the start of the Great Stour Way

We've been considering building an extension, as affordable housing around here is pretty much non-existent, but I've had my doubts as to whether Chartham is where I want to stay, whether it's worth investing in our house (particularly as we're attached) or if we'd be better off just starting afresh somewhere else. And I'm not really one for design or interior design, especially as mine and Ruari's tastes differ quite vastly (although we both like Scandinavian style), so I've found it really hard envisage or really get excited about the prospect of, literally, raising our roof.

So, anyway, I went to the village shop today to buy some washing up liquid - oh how I wish those bottles could wash themselves - and, as Joseph was content/half asleep, I decided to walk along the Great Stour Way... and it got me thinking about the positives about Chartham;
  • Our house is in short walking distance to a (sometimes inconvenient and pricey) convenience store, a post box, the village hall, the village green, a pub that serves large portions of food, the doctors surgery and the train station (which I wish was a main train station, and is probably the only downside of living here). 
  • It's an unpleasant uphill walk to a primary school and post office. (I'd blatantly end up driving Joseph to school if he went there.)
  • It's a fairly long, but scenic and pleasant, walk to Canterbury along The Great Stour Way... and a lovely bike ride. 
  • It's a 5 minute drive to Ruari's workplace; a 10 minute drive to a supermarket; a 15 minute drive to Canterbury and my mum's house; a 20 minute drive to my work; and a 25 minute drive to Ruari's parents' house.
  • Our house backs onto fields, which the cats love. My main worry is that the farmer will sell his land to developers, but that hasn't happened so far.
  • The cats have loads of cat friends on our road.
  • Our road is actually a close, so there isn't any through traffic.
  • And there are loads of ducks to feed nearby as the River Stour runs through Chartham, and the end of our road in fact.

So, overall, I was reminded of all the great things about Chartham and convinced myself that it is pretty perfect for us, and I actually got excited about the possibility of extending our house and raising our kids here.

Tell me about where you live!


  1. It sounds lovely where you live - I think I've been on part of that walk, does it go past Wincheap? It's so pretty!! I always worry about where we live and the fact our house is tiny with no room to go up in the loft. The grass is always greener...Sorry this post caught my eye when I read Jazmin's :) Your blog is great! xx

    1. Hi Sarah! Thank you for reading! Yes the route does go through Wincheap! The grass really is always greener, I am torn between seaside, city and country life all the time! I hope you are well and thank you for the kind words- they mean a lot as I often have crises of confidence with this blogging lark! xxx

    2. Hope Joseph gets the all clear today. Got me thinking when you say about twins, my friend got pregnant with identical twins boys, tragically she lost them, but when she fell pregnant again she found out quite early that she was again expecting identical twin boys. They are now six months old. Her consultant told her that there was a 1 in 77,000 chance of her conceiving twins the second time round. Needless to say, she doesn't plan on more kiddiwinks! Xxx


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