Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Milestone Baby Cards

I came across Milestone Baby Cards, via the wonder that is Instagram, and thought they were a really good idea... I also I loved the illustrations. Joseph was already coming up to 4 weeks old when I discovered them, but seeing as there are 30 milestones in total, I figured it was still worth getting a pack.

Milestone Baby Cards cost £12.64 - £12.99 from Amazon, which I don't think is toooo expensive (if you're artistically inclined, you could probably make some pretty badass ones yourself (as per some I've seen on the 'gram)) and I think they would make a great gift... (Unfortunately most of my friends had already laid their eggs by the time I found out about them or we'd already given them gifts, but I did get a set for the most recent addition!)

Milestone Pregnancy Cards and speech bubble-esque 'Mini Milestone' cards are also available... And there are currently free 'World Cup' printables on their website. I thought about printing one off but then remembered that I don't have a colour printer nor care much for football, especially after England's poor show!

Here are Joseph's milestones so far...
This was actually the day after he turned 4 weeks old...
Long story. But it was the beginning of the good times with him for me.
Joseph's first trip to Eastbourne; he met my auntie, cousin and nan!
I think he was actually socially smiling at 6 weeks but they weren't regular.
On this day he started cracking them out more frequently, but wouldn't do one for the camera!
He really likes napping on his front. Looks really weird in this pic.
Chillin'... I love this picture.
Why do you always look so serious when I get my phone out?

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