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Mummy Time #3: Sammi Jefcoate

The beautiful Sammi is one of the most positive people I know, and encouraged me to go for it with this, here, blog when my confidence was waning. Her impeccable style is admired by thousands on Instagram and now I know where she finds the time to look so good despite having a new baby!
Sammi and Casey Holden Jefcoate.


Who are you?

​I'm Sammi Jefcoate (hey!). 26​, married to a certain Anton Jefcoate​ and we’ve been together for coming up 8 years. We have one son, Casey, born on the 12th of May, and two cats called Biscuit & Coco - who are basically our children too. We live in Surrey in our Victorian casa and have done so for the past 5 years. We love it here - we're just outside of London so we get the best of the countryside and village life and can nip up to the big L anytime we like. ​It's a winning combo for us. I'm a full time mum currently - I used commute to London where I worked in fashion ​(wholesale side of the business) dealing with e-commerce,​ meeting with buyers, international trade shows etc. It was a busy time! I ​now​ have an Etsy shop where I sell vintage goods I love, so that keeps ​me occupied, alongside CJ:

Casey, chillin' with his pops.
How are you?

​I'm generally pretty good to be honest; but I definitely have my bad days where all I want is an hour totally on my own to just...sit. And maybe have a brew. Or three. I'm a positive person ​(​albeit a bit of a thinker) so I always try to stay chill even when Casey is having a bad day. It doesn't always work but I try... I'm insanely grateful for how I have things and I feel fortunate to be a full time mama.

What is a typical day like?

​As a general rule, something like this:
Casey wakes between 5 - 6:30 am. ​
​We're in the middle of weaning him off the night feed which was always at around 2am, so today for example he woke at 3:30am but I managed to get him back off to sleep eventually till 5am.​ I feed him and he goes back down at 6am (around an hour later from the start of feed) until around 8am. 

​In that gap I get myself ready. Today I went for a short run at 6am, got back at 6:20, had a shower, got ready (make-up, hair) and sterilized bottles for the day. Even when I'm planning on hibernating in the house all day, I always get changed and do my make-up. For me, it's something that makes me feel human and good about myself. I love my pjs, but pj days are sacred and reserved for those baby Armageddon days. Anton heads off to work at 7:30am and (sometimes with a heavy breath) I ​prepare myself for 12 hours solo​. Casey wakes around 8am and will either have a bit of happy awake time or want feeding pretty sharpish. After that feed, things vary - he either falls asleep, wants lots of smiles and attention, or can be a bit grizzly.
The day basically continues like that - a feed every 3/4 hours based on his needs.​ His longest nap time is usually early afternoon until 4ish. He tends to be awake from around 4/5pm every day until bedtime and I entertain him then and make 57033898 stupid faces to try and get a smile.

Anton gets home around 7pm and gives CJ loads of attention and smiles whilst I get on with dinner. We always sit down and have dinner together and have a chat about our days - his about world domination and mine generally about how many times Casey has pooed and how many clothes I had to change out of due to milk being thrown up on me (did no one tell you being a mum was crazy glamourous?) We then give Casey a bath, which he loves. Totally zones him out!​

We all go into his nursery for his 8pm bedtime and sit together. Anton & I chat in whispers and draw the curtains - we're adamant that Casey knows the difference between day and night so we all get some sleep around here! ​Anton pretty much always does this feed ​unless there's major work stress for him or he just 'needed' a pint after work...;). ​

CJ then goes into his crib at 8:45ish - sometimes super easily and other times we're back up the stairs ten minutes later because he's realised we've gone and he's lonely...staring at his cactus mobile and wants us in on the action.

Once he's settled, Anton and I get the kettle on and generally put something like Curb Your Enthusiasm on for half an hour, or check Vice and YouTube for cool videos (the latest being The Art Of Punk: Black Flag. So awesome...go check it). 

I basically then go into a coma at 10pm and need bed. 

Casey loving his cactus mobile. I want one for myself!

What do you do when you have time to yourself?

​As it's summer, at the moment I chill in our garden and hope for friend visits to stop me talking to leaves. Ha. Only joking, that's only happened twice.

What do you do to relax?

​Not to sound like a soppy git but I love my friends so seeing them is something I find super relaxing and ​it makes me happy...and then in turn​ I feel relaxed. I'm a big fan of days out. 

Other things I love that chill me out: reading, pointless walks,​ gigs, a long bath, running, roller-coasters, longboarding, painting my nails (to be fair this can also stress me out) and going out for ice cream. 


How was your pregnancy?

​I actually loved being pregnant until around week 32. By that point I felt like a grumpy, MASSIVE whale. I was very fortunate not to suffer much with morning sickness​ and my main problem was random emotional mood swings and missing things I could do before being pregnant (like spin class and generally working out properly without the fear of hurting the little bean).

How was your labour?

​I had a 'planned emergency' caesarean. To cut a long story short, there were a number of complications (such as my placenta not working, not enough fluid around him, CJ measuring small, etc) come week 35 and it was decided that Casey was better out than in. ​It was a bloody scary thing to be told.

I was booked in for a c-section ​very quickly. C​ue freak out and a premature baby.

​My biggest fear during pregnancy was needing a c-section, so I was quite bummed out. I don't think it would have been that bad... but sadly my spinal stopped working 10 minutes in and it was all pretty intense​ - and PAINFUL -​ after that. The op was also longer than normal as they found even more issues when I was being operated on. 

Any cravings?

​I didn't have specific cravings as such, but I bloody knew what I didn't want to eat!​ I generally wanted savoury over sweet.

Did you find out what you were having?

​Yes. There was no way Anton could survive months of waiting and the smile he got when he found out he were having a boy choked me up! 
How did you decide on your baby name?

​I always loved the name Casey, and it was as simple as saying to Anton 'I love them name Casey for a boy, do you?' and him saying 'Done'. Ha! So it worked pretty well. Holden (Casey's middle name) is the name of the main character from The Catcher in The Rye, my favourite book (and such a dude) and again - I mentioned it to Anton and he loved it.

Oddly, we had absolutely no idea what we'd have called a girl!


What is your baby's feeding routine?

​Generally every 3/4 hours apart. It works pretty well, but because some feeds take an hour or so (sometimes he can be bloody fussy for feeds) in the morning it can feel like there isn't much of a break. ​

How do you entertain your baby?

​Casey loves laying on this massive pillow we have and being smiled at and given loads of attention in general! We have this Stokke rocker (Steps) and he loves chilling in that, too.

When you're baby's having a freak out, what seems to calm them down? 

​I go between rocking (his rocker has been a godsend) hugs, soothing noises, dummy. 

Does your baby seem to suffer with anything and what do you do to help it?

​Wind! I had no idea how much babies can cry over wind. We've given into Infacol in the past week and it seems to be really helping relieve the pain. ​ 


Does you baby have a favourite toy?

Not yet. Faces are his number one! ​And kisses. He loves kisses. ​
What was your most recent baby or baby-related purchase and why did you buy it? 

​Couple of cute clothes in the sale at Gap...I'm a sucker for baby clothes now that he's big enough to wear stuff!​

What have been the most useful things you've bought or been given?

StokkeSteps, for sure. ​

What travel system do you use?

​We have the Stokke Xplory.​ We got it second hand (have you seen how much one of those bad boys costs new?!) and I love it. It's super easy and comfortable to push around and I actually find it pretty attractive and prams go. 

What are your baby essentials when you go out?

​I do not leave the house without a muslin!! It is a sin to do so. I am totally one of those parents now. ​


What's the best advice or most useful tip that anyone's given you about parenting? 

​No matter how bad your day/week/month is going, your baby will never be this small again so do your bloody best to enjoy it.​

What do you wish you knew before you had a baby?

​That they might really wail over things like going for a poo and wind. I totally didn't know this! ​

Any tips you'd like to share with other mothers or expectant mothers?

​Take it easy, listen to your instincts, and not all advice is good advice. ​Oh, and babies cry. 

Hey, I recognise that changing mat!

Thanks, Sammi!

Find Sammi on Instagram & and go check out her awesome Etsy shop, Under This Moon!

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