Monday, 14 July 2014

My changing bag; Pacapod Jura

My changing bag was a Christmas gift from my mum and brother, but I've since found out that you can get them in John Lewis, and online, and that they're fairly pricey so I'm a very lucky girl.
Pacapod Jura in Navy: £70
I've used other bags as changing bags when I've felt like mixing it up on a 'wild' day, such as my short-lived Kanken and a watermelon mini-suitcase that I bought 'for Joseph'. But, I must admit that neither have been as easy to get on with as my Pacapod.
'Sammies' by Samsonite watermelon mini-suitcase... I couldn't resist.
When I was first given the bag, I was pretty overwhelmed by the 100000 little compartments (sounds ridiculous that I was overwhelmed by a bag, but I was) as they all have little pictures of what you're meant to do with them... but I found the pictures a bit tricky to decipher, despite reading the little instruction diagram, and I still don't know what some are for... so now I just use them for whatever the hell I like.
The bag is kind of triangular and has four main sections. Two removable 'pods' and two flat zippy sections. It also comes with a travel changing mat, thermal bottle sleeve, pram attachment (I assume so robbers can't easily grab and run away it), and a little drawstring bag (the use for which still boggles my mind).

In the 'changer pod', I bring:
  • A pack of wetwipes; currently using Boots ones. Used a few kinds and I don't have that much of an opinion on them really, but my least favourite have been Huggies as, to me, they just stink of alcohol - even the 'pure' ones.
  • 5 x nappies; currently using Pampers New Baby in size 3. As mentioned before, my mum is obsessed with buying him Pampers because we found that he doesn't get nappy rash when he wears those. 
  • A pack of fragranced nappy bags... Didn't realise I needed these 'til I had a baby. 
  • 1 x spare onesie to change Joseph into in case he has an accident. 
  • Spare breast pads, in case I have an accident.
  • A couple of lotions, that I've never used, that came with an Emma's Diary sample pack.

In the 'feeder pod' I bring:
  • A muslin; my two fave brands are Aden+Anais (a set of three were bought for us as a gift) and Lollypop (which I can't find online in the UK, but are sometimes available from TKMaxx. (I can't believe I have an opinion on muslins, by the way.)) I like both brands because the muslins are bigger than your average muslin so can be used as light blankets too, and the Lollypop ones can be used as full-on swaddles. 
  • A bib (a friend bought us two Sea Shepherd ones which are darn cool.)
  • A bottle bag with a sterilised bottle of boiled water in, and a container of pre-measured formula powder. Joseph's mid-afternoon 'lunchtime' feed is, more often than not, his one formula feed for the day so if I'm going out I'll boil the water before I go, then by the time he's due his meal it is usually around the right temperature so I just bung the formula powder in, shake and feed.
  • Thermal Tommee Tippee bottle bag which came with my sterilising kit.

In the zippy sections, I keep:

A Lamaze travel play mat, which was a present from my auntie and has come in handy at peoples' houses, picnics (when I've not thought to bring a picnic blanket), and outdoor pub lunches when Joseph's decided he wants to lay flat and have a kick about.
Joseph with his friend, Casey, on the Lamaze playmat.
My keys, purse, tissues (darn hayfever) lip balm and phone. By the way, an essential app for me is called 'Rain, Rain'. (Seriously. If your baby is crying for no reason, bung that on... around 8-9.5/10 it acts like an off switch for crying. If Joseph doesn't stop immediately then it usually chills him out at least, or helps him fall asleep. It's free from the app store, but there are obviously ads instead.)
I use 'summer rain' or 'rain downpour' most often.
Baby sun cream, sun hat and sunglasses.
And, lastly, a couple of toys, usually Sophie the giraffe and a rattle.
Looking very Britpop in his hat, shades and dummy.
Although I probably wouldn't have chosen this bag for myself (mainly because of the price, but I've not looked into the average price of changing bags), I'm really pleased with it as it's lightweight, a nice pattern, and I can pretty much fit everything into it that I need to if I'm going out. It's possibly a little bit fiddly as there are a lot of zips, nooks & crannies, but once you get used to it, it's fine, and I like knowing which main compartment I need to look in when I'm trying to dig something out in a rush. I've seen quite a few parents using Pacapods in various prints and materials, so I think they're fairly popular.

What changing bag do you have? Are you happy with it?

Nicki x

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