Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Teething tool kit

I'm terrified of teething. Probably more so than I was of giving birth. Ok, maybe not that scared. But some of my friends' kids started showing teething signs around the three-month mark and, as Joseph turned three months on Saturday, I'm mentally preparing myself for it to start any day now.
Joseph, in town today, armed with Sophie and his Neckerchew.
He had an 'accident' so the spare set of PJs I had in my changing bag were put to use!
Sometimes I think he's already showing signs of gum pain (grumpy, a bit fussy with his bottle and doing that sucky-lip thing they do when they're hungry, but he's definitely not hungry). I don't know if I'm just imagining symptoms, or willing it on in order to get it over with sooner. Although, saying that, I read that it goes on 'til they're around two and a half years old and, I'm certainly not wishing his life away, I just want to know what I'm in for in terms of seeing your baby in pain and sleepless nights.

So, I've started preparing a teething tool kit:

  • Teething ring - this came with my 'baby care kit' by Summer. I plan to bung it in the fridge from time to time. 
  • Sophie the Giraffe -  Apparently she's, like, the teething toy to get and all the cool kids have got one. I bought this about a month ago and Joseph seems to enjoy her so far, (her squeak is a good distraction when he's grizzly) but her teething-soothing skills have yet to be tested. I had to resist buying Fanfan the Fawn when I saw him in a sale.
  • Neckerchew by Cheeky Chompers - I thought this bib seemed pretty cool, as I've recently learnt from my friends that teething babies get super dribbly and like nomming on their bibs. It was reduced from £12 to £4 in Mothercare so I thought I'd give it a shot. I encouraged Joseph to try the chewy bit yesterday but he seemed more confused than anything.
  • Bonjela teething gel - I bought this before Joseph was even born. That's how anxious I am about teething.
  • Calpol - obvs. It has already come in handy after both sets of Joseph's jabs. 
So that's my kit so far... Please let me know if you have any teething tips or suggestions for other bits n' bobs that might help us through the worst!

Love x

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