Sunday, 27 July 2014

#WIDN... Kinda

Lauren, Belle Du Brighton, answered this on her blog and, I agree, it's kind of like a blogger version of the #WIDN tag*. She and tagged anyone who read it that fancied filling it in, so I’m filling it in and doing the same. In fact I might fill these out kinda regularly as a thing I can look back on in the future. (*On a side note, no one ever asks what I'm doing, I just tag stuff with that anyway because I'm a loser).

Currently I Am: Sitting, rather uncomfortably, expressing milk for Joseph's breakfast tomorrow. It's taking ages.

Reading: Danielle from Sometimes Sweet's latest post about kids' sleepovers. I am yet to decide how I feel on the matter. If Joseph's friends with my friends' kids when he's older, then I totally trust them and wouldn't have a problem. But when he starts making his own friends and wants to stay over at theirs, well, I don't know.

Listening to: The (annoying) sound of my breast pump. Ruari's napping and Joseph's in bed so the telly's on mute, and I just don't seem to listen to any music any more. This needs to change pronto.

Laughing At: Ruari reminded me today of when our friends came over with their kids, and their five year old daughter asked whether Joseph was a girl. After telling her, 'no, Joseph is a boy', she replied 'then why do you have so much Hello Kitty stuff in your house?!' 
Can I just say, it's mostly Liberty x Hello Kitty stuff these days (much more grown up, ahem). Saying that, I was heartbroken when Boots didn't do that range last Christmas.

Swooning Over: My son. He's just so darn beautiful. I know I'm biased.

Planning: What to write about on my blog next. I have lots of half cooked ideas, but nothing solid. Although I do have my next 'Mummy Time' mummy Q&A ready for Thursday.

Eating Lots Of: Porridge. Even in this heat. (For my milk supply, which is still a bit rubbish, but I'm trying not to worry too much.) Although to counter that, I've recently discovered Salted Caramel Haagen Dazs... Oh.My.GOD. Half price in Morrisons at the moment, too, #justsaying

Feeling: A bit tired. I took Joseph to a new baby group followed by swimming on Friday then in the night, instead of sleeping well after a busy day, he woke up three times crying and screaming in pain. He seemed to be snotty, congested and nasal so, yesterday, I stayed indoors with him and let him sleep as much as he wanted (he seemed more comfortable sleeping on his front, so I watched him like a hawk all day to make sure he could breathe.) I kept him warm (vest and full pyjamas even though it was a hot day), gave him loads of cuddles, had a bath with him, rubbed vapour rub on his feet (as suggested by folk on Instagram), and gave him as much boob milk as possible. Last night he slept much better, only waking up once for food as he (very weirdly) flat out refused his usual 11pm dreamfeed. Aside from his general routine being a bit out of sync from all of yesterday's sleep, and feeding times all over the place, he seemed pretty much back to normal today. 

Discovering: Blogs again. I took about an 18 month hiatus from blogging and generally being a part of the 'community' - not that I was at all prolific. It's funny to pick up on old reads all this time later to see how people have changed and moved on with their lives, and how blogging has changed. In fact, I read a couple of posts about that this evening too by Gem and Ayden.

Looking At: Purchasing this teething soother that a friend recommended I buy, based on their experience of using it, my (purely aesthetic) love of watermelons, and my fear of teething.

Wearing: A bright orange leopard print summer dress that I bought last year. Sounds gross, and it probably is to most, but I like it. The light is too rubbish to take a good photo, so here is a picture from last year of me in it as it seems to be the only photo I have of it.
Emmi, me & Sammi. Last year. Before Sammi & I got up the duff.
Cooking: If bunging a bean burger with chips into the oven counts as cooking, then that.

Wondering: Whether Joseph will fit in his Bumbo. I bought it from a local seller on Ebay and collected it last night. It looks small.

Trying Out: Being a bit tidier. I’ve started putting most of Joseph’s stuff away in his room at night, aside from his octopus playgym, changing mat and ‘day box’.  Hmm, ok, so I’ve only really been putting away his bouncy chair at night. I suck at being tidy.

If anyone fills this out after seeing this, let me know! 
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N'night x

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