Saturday, 16 August 2014

Granny's garden

I consider myself incredibly lucky to get on well with my mother-in-law, Fiona. Over the last (almost) ten years she has always been welcoming, supportive, interested in my well-being, understanding, loving and generous. When I needed some time away from university, to try and get my head straight, I once escaped to her house for a weekend even though Ruari wasn't there- and really appreciated that I was able to make myself feel at home.

Ruari's parents live in a beautiful spider-filled Elizabethan house in a little village near Ashford and, thankfully, Fiona is retired from full-time work as a teacher so has been around to keep me company during my maternity leave. I try to visit at least once a week for the change of scenery, and Joseph seems to really love looking around the house (and snuggling someone with ample chest)!

Fiona is a very keen gardener and, today, Joseph was most content spending time with her in her brand new greenhouse. I know she's looking forward to introducing Joseph to gardening, flowers, growing and nature, when he's old enough, and I couldn't help but get excited at the thought of all the fun they will have together. This time next year Joseph may even be growing his own little sunflower or tomatoes there.

My thoughts then extended to the sheer amount of adventures he's going to have in their gardens (there are three) and possibility of having cousins (or even brothers and sisters!) to play with in them. He is such a lucky boy!

I hope Joseph will enjoy spending time here and will adopt his Granny's green fingers!

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