Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Hanging out between the 25th & 50th centile range

I had totally forgotten that our Health Visitor was coming to check on Joseph this morning. Luckily Ruari had today off work so was present for the check up, but I was in my pyjamas and literally about to attach myself to my pump when she arrived; boobs already engorged because Ruari let me have a big lie-in until 9.20am!! (What a guy!)

A few weeks ago I was starting to get a bit conscious of Joseph's weight as he seemed chunky compared to his girl-friends, but after going to the health visitor clinic, I was assured that he was just fine. But then because they didn't measure his height I wondered whether he was an OK weight but just looked big because he'd adopted my short genes.

But today, both his height and weight were measured and they revealed that he is in perfect proportion! He weighed in at 14lb 9oz and he is 63cm long. He's been between the 25th and 50th percentile  ranges for weight the last three times he's been weighed and his height is right on the 50th.

On the right 'weight' chart you can see that for the first four weeks Joseph was on the 9th percentile whilst he was being exclusively breast fed directly from 'source'. Just after the 4th week he jumped to the 25th where he had literally just started having a mixed diet of formula and expressed breast milk, then we didn't get him weighed for a little while, then for the last eight weeks he has been happily chilling between the 25th and 50th.

Newborn Joseph; 5lb 14oz.
Sixteen week old Joseph; 14lb 9oz!
Having his height measured
I'm so happy with his progress and consider myself unbelievably lucky to have such a perfect little baby after the scares I had in pregnancy.

I bloody love you, Joseph Batchelor!

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