Monday, 4 August 2014

Joseph Batchelor; Sleeping Beauty!

On Friday it was Ruari's brother's birthday and also the day that he proposed to his girlfriend (she said yes). We all knew that he was going to pop the question, so Ruari's mum (Fiona) had organised a celebration in the evening at the Batchelor head-quarters, meaning that Joseph would have to settle there for the night whilst we enjoyed the evening with the family. Fiona had been given a Graco travel cot by a friend which Joseph had a couple of cat-naps in on previous visits, but this would be the first time we'd actually give it a run for its money. 

Joseph took a quick selfie with his great-grandad and his poodle, Rexie!
We had to go through a transition period to get Joseph used to sleeping in his big cot (cot-bed, in fact) after having slept in his carry cot for, I can't remember how many, weeks (we had to put his carry cot in his actual cot during the week-long transition so that it felt the same whilst letting him get used to the new 'view'). So I thought putting him down to sleep in yet another place with a different view would mean tears and fighting sleep. On a side note, talking about 'views' from his cot; it really makes me laugh to see the position that Joseph is in when we get him in the morning; sometimes he's sleeping width-ways in his cot, then others he has done a 180 degree turn. He's probably done a full 360 some nights but, as he's back in the same position by morning, we'd never know! When he wakes up in the morning whimpering, but doesn't seem to be hungry, I sometimes wonder whether he's just disorientated because the view he's woken up to is different to the one he had when he went to sleep. 

Anyway; on the night we kept Joseph's bed time routine just the same as normal; we gave him a bath, oiled him up (we're now on the coconut oil), put him in his PJs and fed him at pretty much exactly the same times as usual. He gave me loads of cheeky smiles and funny faces once I put him into the travel cot, which made me think he was going to fight his sleep or get upset the moment I left the room but, to my surprise, he was asleep within minutes with zero fuss. I was also surprised at how well he settled because the room wasn't nearly as dark as his nursery at home. 

Bedtime cuteness
We checked on him a few times throughout the evening, but he was sound asleep every time and splayed out like a starfish/ Merman in his Grobag. We were really pleased that we'd been given a travel Grobag by Ryan & Lyz as it had holes for a 5 point safety harness meaning that we didn't have to take him out of it to put him in the car seat when it came time to leave at 10.30pm.

Joseph with the newly engaged couple!
When we arrived home, we fed Joseph his usual 11pm dreamfeed and put him in his normal cot to continue his sleep. We expected some degree of fuss at some point in the night, but he was an absolute dream-baby and only woke up at his normal time of around 6.45am.

We are going to Devon for a long weekend with friends next month and I was worried about how Joseph would sleep, but it has been a real comfort to see that he can settle so well somewhere other than his own bed. He even naps wherever he lays his head these days, whereas it wasn't that long ago that he would only nap on me and I'd have to strategically slip out from under him after a certain amount of time and place him where I'd been laying, which meant that hours of my day were spent being pinned to the sofa (which is lovely sometimes, but a bit frustrating if you have things to do). 

Joseph also surprised Ruari and I the night before last when he refused his 11pm dreamfeed and slept on until 8am! Last night he only took 1oz (instead of 5oz) and woke at 6.30am, so it seems he's well on his way to dropping the mid-night feed. In a way Ruari and I are a bit sad about this because we both love 'plucking' him from his cot when he's all drowsy to feed him when we haven't seen him for four hours. He curls into us (whoever is feeding him, usually Ruari whilst the other watches) like a little mole and takes his feed and is burped without ever opening his eyes. It's very cute, so we'll have to just check on him before bed instead to get our little Joseph 'fix'. It really dawned on us the other day how quickly he is growing and is already needing us less in the night. So strange! 

What have been your experiences of getting your little one to sleep somewhere other than their bed?  x

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