Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Recent purchases: #1

I've been meaning to start this series for weeks but I never get around to it so I'm just going to start with my most recent purchases (excluding clothes for now because they're a pain to photograph). It's actually frightening how much I buy. I very rarely buy things for myself any more, and when I go to H&M I head straight for the kids section and don't even bother with the womenswear. I'm still obsessed with sensory toys too... Not sure if I've mentioned that on here, actually. But I am. I had to really hold myself back today and think of my dwindling bank balance; also, I got a sweet letter on Saturday morning saying I'd underpaid on my tax (I can't understand how because my work sort all of that stuff out) and there I was hoping for a tax rebate.

Anyway, here we go:

Lamaze Rainbow Rings: £7.99 TK Maxx. I pretty much want all of the Lamaze toys in existence. They're not really even that nice, but I've grown to love them.
Nelson's Teetha teething granules: Circa £4.50, available in most supermarkets/ stores like Boots. I used a few sachets of it before I bought Joseph an amber anklet and since then he's not really seemed to moan about his gums. Unless he was never moaning about his gums in the first place and I just attributed it to teething pain. I wasn't sure if they worked or they just served as a distraction. It was fun to see his face with it in his mouth - made me think he'd handle purées like a champ.
Woodward's Gripe Water: Circa £2.50. We gave this to Joseph after every meal for about four or five days as he seemed to be waking up with wind-pain but we didn't think it made much difference. Smells nice though.
Brica 'baby in sight' mirror: £15 Boots. Ok, so this is really pricey for a mirror but I really wanted to be able to see Joseph when he's in the car. The lady at the till told me to keep the packaging and receipt in case I changed my mind, which I thought was a weird thing to say, but it turned out that half of the people she's sold the mirrors to have brought them back. So it instantly made me think it was going to be rubbish. It isn't rubbish - it fits nicely on the back seat headrest and I can see Joseph in my rear-view mirror - but I do actually find it quite a distraction, so I can see why people take it back for that reason. I now know that Joseph falls asleep by the time we get to Thanington when we drive in to Canterbury. Bless him.
Wooden caterpillar: £2 Sainsbury's. He has a horrible face which I've not shown, but I love that you can twizzle him into different shapes. It's hard to explain, but it's cool. I like him more than Joseph does.

I like Amber teething anklet: £10.05 Amazon. I was a little bit sceptical as to their ability to aid teething pains, but I wanted to give it a go as Joseph was really ratty last week and someone at a baby group convinced me that their child seems a lot less bothered by his gums since wearing his amber necklace - plus loads of my insta friends swore by them too. I don't really like the look of necklaces so I opted for the more discreet anklet although I'm not sure of it's staying power down there - it's a little loose so when Joseph's bare-foot it slides off, and once he finds his feet I'm sure he'll be yanking at it.

I should be sponsored by Tommee Tippee.
Tommee Tippee bottle handles: Now £3 in Asda reduced from £4.97. Joseph's constantly grabbing at his feeding bottle so when my friend said that Tommee Tippee did handles that you can screw onto your normal bottles I had to buy them immediately. But today I saw them cheaper than they were last week. I don't use them at every feed, purely due to laziness, but they are cool. Joseph seems to like them.
Tommee Tippee 'first sips' cup: £2 Asda. I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that Joseph is growing up. It came with a #2 teat too which was handy as I could do with one extra. I think this cup is usually closer to £5.
Tommee Tippee weaning spoons. £2 per pack. Lovely colours and the ones that I've had my eye on. I got one pack for when we feed him (had to resist the aeroplane-shaped spoon) and one pack for when he starts to feed himself. I'm not ready to wean him yet, although he is now 18 weeks old, but he properly stares at me whenever I put anything in my mouth which makes me think he really wants to try food. Weaning scares me, to be honest. I don't feel I know enough about what to do, but I'm reading Rose Elliot's 'Mother, Baby and Toddler' book (which is mostly about what to make for vegetarian kids) and it has information about how to wean you baby too. Once I've finished I might be more ready!

Ok, this one was for me :-)

Big love x

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