Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Snuggles with Grandma

My mum just loves to hold Joseph. The day before yesterday she pretty much held him for six hours straight, and there's no telling her 'mum I'll hold him while you eat... you need to eat' as she survives only on biscuits and insanely sugary coffee when Joseph is around / at all times. Luckily Joseph loves being held so he doesn't mind whatsoever, but when you tell my mum that he needs some time on the floor for tummy time and to practice rolling, she has a really hard time leaving him be. Here are some pictures of the two of them over the last four months. I should've really cropped a bunch of them but I don't have time as we're off to Baby Sensory and a mobile farm this morning! 
Newborn 'hospital' snuggles
First visit at home snuggles
Park snuggles
Messy house snuggles
Plane pyjamas snuggles
Mid-conversation snuggles
Church shop snuggles
M&S cafe snuggles
Sleepy snuggles where his bib looks like a cape
Sleepy spare pyjama snuggles
Awake spare pyjama snuggles
'that escalated quickly' tantrum snuggles
Long may the snuggles continue!

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