Monday, 29 September 2014

Baby-led weaning: Day #1

After another morning of being made to feel uncomfortable whilst I eat my breakfast due to Joseph's beady eyes staring at my every mouthful, licking and chewing his lips and mimicking my chewing motions, not to mention the vast amounts of drool, I decided to call his bluff and offer him some food. Spoiler alert: He folded.

I'd worked myself up into a bit of a panic about weaning last week, but after asking my Insta-pals this question and taking some time to really read the Baby Led Weaning website and the first bit of Annabel Karmel's Quick and Easy Weaning, which I'd borrowed from the library, I felt much better about things. 

I decided that banana and avocado would be Joseph's first foods, but then when I saw a nice packet of organic carrots yesterday I thought they'd be good to try too if they're steamed a bit to soften them. I really hope Joseph eats them because I really hate carrots and I bought a big ol' bag of them... They don't do organic singles in Morrisons, annoyingly. I don't normally buy organic stuff as it's quite a bit more expensive, but I'd like to keep the number of pesticides and chemicals Joseph eats to a minimum if I can.

Whilst generally satisfied on milk (no night waking and not eating huge amount), Joseph has definitely been showing signs of being ready for food; The aforementioned interest in whatever I'm eating or drinking and mimicking of my expressions, plus he has been sitting up unaided 'part-time' (i.e. when he can be bothered) since around 19 weeks old (a pre-requisite of Baby Led Weaning or 'BLW'). However, at five and a quarter months (23 weeks) Joseph is slightly under the age recommended that babies should eat solids by the government and World Health Organisation, which is six months old.

I've been in two minds as to whether to wean him yet - part of me can't wait to see his face, but the other wants to wait 'til six months. However, I have figured that I am going to let him explore foods for himself whilst he is still 'under age' and Annabel Karmel's book (which isn't about BLW) recommends giving babies their first tastes at 24 weeks. I've decided to go down the Baby Led Weaning route for now - offering pieces of food which aren't mushed or pureed - and letting him feed himself if he wants to. I am going to try not to worry too much about how much he is eating for now due to his age - he still has iron reserves (babies' iron levels start to deplete at around six months) and he's going to get the majority of his calories from milk until he is well established on solids. I am not going to be super-super strict about BLW and I might give him some purees if it doesn't seem to be working out for us, but for now I'm going to give this a shot.

So this morning, about twenty minutes after his milk, I offered him some banana. At first I floated a plate in front of his face with a couple of slices of it on whilst he was sat on the sofa (expecting him to just reach for a piece and nom it like a Ferrero Rocher) but he just wanted to eat the plate. Then I sat him in his Bumbo and put the banana on his play tray and he pushed it around for a bit. I then remembered that he's meant to have a bib on, so I grabbed a weaning bib that had been bought for him but then he just wanted to eat that. I offered him a few 'types' of banana; sliced into two sizes, a mushed piece, and a big bit of 'end' still in its skin. He had a go at picking up the mushed bit, but it didn't make it into his mouth, and he enjoyed playing with the skin before chucking it on the floor. I tried the big end bit of the banana on its side and 'standing up' but, again, he just pushed it around a bit. After about fifteen minutes of him mostly eating his bib and no banana actually making it into his gob, he started to get bored; he sighed and started sucking his thumb- so I ate his banana for him and let him play on his play gym. He is now napping. 

Tomorrow, we will try again. Please eat the carrots, Joseph!

P.S. Here's a little video clip with the banana skin! I'm not a videographer, clearly!

(Click here to be taken to YouTube if it's not working)


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