Friday, 19 September 2014

Joseph's current routine

At five months old, this is what Joseph's routine's been like lately:
  • 7.30am - We're usually woken up by the sound of Joseph blowing raspberries in his cot! Ruari gets him out of bed and changes his nappy. They have a bit of play time together before Joseph has his milk.
  • 8am - breakfast; 3-6oz of breast milk. Joseph has more play time on his play gym whilst Ruari gets ready for work. I usually get up at around 8.30am and begin expressing. 
  • 9am-ish - This is the only time that Joseph always has a little nap. It usually lasts for about half an hour and he naps on his play gym.
  • 11.30am - second breakfast; 4-6oz of breast milk. Sometimes Joseph naps after this feed (certainly if we're driving somewhere).
  • 3pm - lunch; 4-6oz formula. Sometimes Joseph will have another little nap, again, certainly if he's been driven home from somewhere in the car.
  • 6pm - tea; 7oz breast milk & 5oz formula (Joseph has a ginormous feed at this time!)
  • 7.15pm - Joseph is usually in bed and asleep by this time.
  • 11.30pm-ish - dreamfeed; 5oz breastmilk
Joseph has stopped his recent stint of night waking which we thought may have been four month sleep regression - phew. Only in the last week or so have we been giving him the dreamfeed later (11.30pm rather than 11pm) meaning that all of these times are currently 30 minutes later than they used to be. I actually think that a 7am start worked better for us so we might move that feed back to 11pm meaning that I can get to bed a bit earlier too. As Joseph has seemed less interested in his morning feed lately, I wonder whether it might be time to drop the dream feed altogether, but I'm a bit reluctant as, for now, he's so wonderfully predictable and I'm scared of losing sleep! On a side-note, I've been craving exercise lately (very unlike me) but I'm thinking that I could get some in at 6am when Joseph's still asleep.... Pah! Who am I kidding?! Actually, I'm going to save up all the sleep I can as it could all change soon; one of my friends with a six month old is waking up half-hourly at the moment. Gahh!!

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