Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Lamaze toys

I don't know if Lamaze toys are really something that parenting bloggers blog about, but they feature so heavily in my life right now that I feel like I could never be taken seriously as a parenting blogger without dedicating a post to Lamaze toys! So, Lamaze; I love you!

My understanding is that Lamaze is brand under the Tomy corporate umbrella which specialises in toys for children between the ages of 0-24 months. All of the Lamaze toys seem to be made of the same materials (I imagine their factory as being this uber-efficient grotto where elves and oompa lumpas lovingly hand-make each toy and the waste bits of fabric from one toy is used on another) some of which look kinda retro while others look like your granny could've knitted them.

All are high contrast and some of the combinations make you wonder if the designers were on some sort of trip... But, like the substance I imagine the creator to be on, they are addictive. I love Lamaze toys for all their garish fugly-beautifulness.

Whenever I see a Lamaze section in a shop (which isn't often enough, I might add), I'm totally magnetised and I stand there for far too long umming and ahhing over which, if any, I should by Joseph. The rational side of my brain which says 'he has enough toys' always wins, but I totally have an inexplicable soft spot for Captain Calamari but because Joseph already has an Octopus dangly toy which shares quite a few of the same characteristics I feel that the Cap'ns presence would be too much! (I also love the look of Sir Prance-a-lot, which is a horse with a little knight on its back, and the musical inchworm, but I've never seen him in real life.) (I realise that I sound as nutty as some of the Lamaze colour combinations.)

Anywho, Joseph is lucky enough to own six Lamaze toys, which have been gifts from family members aside from the Rainbow Rings which I found in TKMaxx for just £7.99;

Rainbow rings
Gardenbug wrist rattle and footfinder set
Bella the Bunny (because Joseph was born on Easter weekend)
Freddie the Firefly
Jacques the Peacock
Snail travel play mat

My auntie very kindly gave Joseph the play mat, rattle set and Bella the Bunny when he was first born and my mum bought him Jacques and Freddie at the weekend because we were in John Lewis and they were only £6.50 each (as opposed to the £12-ish I usually see them for) so we just couldn't choose/ resist... Jacques was an immediate hit!

I take the play mat pretty much everywhere with me as it's so lightweight that it fits in my changing bag. Bella has replaced one of the original dangly toys on Joseph's play gym which he plays with every morning (so now has Freddie), and Joseph seems to love the rainbow rings... He seems to enjoy them all, in fact, and I love watching him explore all the different textures, sounds and flappy bits. Poor Bella is well on the way to having a foot chewed off. The least popular of the toys are the rattle bits - but that might explain why Joseph still hasn't found his feet. He kicks off the socks within seconds of having them put on, and his wrist are fast becoming too fat to wrap!

All Lamaze toys have been designed to stimulate baby's senses (I love anything sensory) and the majority incorporate a monochrome print or two as that is what babies can see most clearly from newborn, as well as a baby-safe mirror and a crinkly bit... and sometimes a squeaker and a teether (or both in Freddie the Firefly's case).

There are different types of toys available for different ages but so far I've only really experienced their 0-24 months 'dangly' toys, i.e. you can dangle them from your pram/cot/play gym, aside from the rainbow rings which are for 6+ months and not dangly.

All of the toys are marked on the package as well as on the toy themselves with the age group they're developmentally most appropriate for; and they've all been designed in conjunction with child development experts, according to Tomy's official website.

So there you have it! I love Lamaze!

P.S. I feel I should add that this post has not been sponsored; I'm just a Lamaze fan-girl... possibly more of a fan than Joseph!

P.P.S. I really wanted to call this blog post something silly 'Lamazing' or 'Lamazeballs'!

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  1. I feel ridiculous now but none of my children have had a Lamaze toy. I'm missing out!!


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