Friday, 31 October 2014


This afternoon Joseph and I went to Margate to spend a few hours with Emma and Matilda. After much indecision, I wore an old, but barely worn, white shirt with battered old black skinny jeans and boots. Joseph wore his skeleton onesie for the third time this week as it's Halloween (I have been washing it between wears!) The sun was out and it was hot, really hot for late October especially. At the last minute I decided I wanted to wear my sunglasses instead of my usual specs, so I quickly put in my contact lenses before I left.

Joseph snoozed in the car for our journey which took one hour thanks to the horrendous half-term Canterbury traffic. When we arrived, Joseph was a bit fragile, post-nap, and didn't take too kindly to Buckley the Schnauzer's barking. Joseph demonstrated his lazy sitting up and what I call his gorilla stance (he rests his hands on the ground in front of him like a gorilla.)

Emma and I tried to encourage some interaction between Matilda and Joseph (who are three months apart in age), and there were a couple of stares and gentle strokes, but Joseph cried both times when Matilda gently touched his face. He must really, really love his personal space! Either that or his face is feeling sensitive. Hmm.

Matilda is such a happy baby; she's always smiling and gets prettier and prettier every time I see her. She seemed baffled by Joseph's reaction, as was I. 

Despite being a bit tetchy, Joseph went into his pushchair without any fuss. I contemplated wearing him using our Tula carrier, as I'm usually desperate to use it, but as we were planning a long-ish walk, the longest I'd have been on since getting it a couple of weeks ago, I was worried in case it became really uncomfortable and there'd be nothing I could do to relieve the discomfort... i.e. no Ruari to wear it as back up. 

We walked through a park and along the seafront to the Turner Contemporary art gallery. As neither of us had eaten lunch despite it being 3pm, we headed straight for the cafe and sat outside. There weren't any sandwiches left so we had cakes and a hot drink each. I had a carrot cupcake and a pot of tea. Joseph, as per usual, was jealous that we were eating and he wasn't (silly me had forgotten to bring the mashed potato and green beans I'd saved for him from last night's dinner), so he had to make do with one of Matilda's rice cakes that Emma kindly shared with him. Luckily that seemed to keep him happy. I really need to get better at this weaning malarky. I then gave him his afternoon milk.

We wandered around the main exhibition after having a good look around the gift shop. I do love gallery and museum gift shops; often more than the main attraction themselves, which I should be ashamed to admit.

The beauty and tranquillity of the sea made me stop in my tracks a few times today. The Turner has huge great big windows and seeing the calm of the sea through those was one of those moments. I love how much space there is there.

Emma and I have very few photos of us together, I don't think we ever even took one of us when we were both pregnant at the same time because we were too embarrassed to ask the other, or someone else, for a photo. We are silly. But today, Emma asked one of the gallery staff to take a photo of us underneath a mural of a gigantic Hen Harrier clutching a Range Rover (named A Good Day for Cyclists by Jeremy Deller). 

When we left the gallery, we caught the sun setting over the horizon. It was really beautiful. It literally only took one minute to completely disappear. 

We walked back to Emma's house, along the seafront and through the park. We said our goodbyes as it was now 5pm and I wanted to get home for Joseph's bath. I'd intended to blow up the LED-light pumpkin balloon that I'd bought for him when we got home, but as it was so close to bath time, and the balloon only lasts for 15 hours, I thought I'd save it for tomorrow evening so Joseph could have a few hours to play with it between it getting dark and his actual bed time. I wish I'd brought it with me to Margate so he could've played with it on our dusky walk to Emma's and in the car.

The journey home took an hour too, damn the Canterbury rush-hour traffic! But I did appreciate the purples and blues in the sky. So pretty. 

We arrived home to an empty house as Ruari had gone to Folkestone after work to see some friends, and I prepared Joseph's milk and ran his bath. Joseph was very well behaved and didn't cry after his bath. Recently he's been getting over-tired and ratty at bath time, but I think having snoozed in the car for the journey home helped and he let me baby-oil him and clothe him without making any fuss. 

Joseph patiently waited for his milk to cool down, and didn't mind me having to stop mid-way through his feed to answer the door to some incredibly polity trick-or-treaters. He finished his milk, let me put him in his gro-bag and smiled as I laid him down in his cot. He always seems so happy when it comes to bed time. It's like he feels really ready for his 12 hours alone in the dark, as if he's got some business to attend to. I suppose he has; the business of growing. 

Sometimes I thank Joseph for the lovely day when I put him to bed, and today was one of those days. I feel so lucky that we get on so well, despite my forgetting his packed lunch. Now that I know when I'm going back to work, not for another 5 and a half months (I decided to take the full year off), I feel less like our time is 'almost up' and I am more able to enjoy and treasure the time we have together. I am really keen to make the most of it.

Thank you for reading; I know it must've been boring, but this is a new thing I want to do; document some of the times Joseph and I spend together. 

Happy Hallowe'en x

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