Friday, 24 October 2014

Baby-led weaning: Idea #2

I am always on the lookout for super simple baby-led weaning ideas, because I am culinarily inept, and this is an ever-so-slightly adapted recipe from the Baby-led Weaning Cookbook.

Now that Joseph is six months old, I've been introducing him to grains such rice, couscous, oats and wheat. I wanted to try him on a grain-based biscuit, however I was reluctant to go down the Farley's Rusk route and favoured the idea of something a little less processed.

So these 'bites' are super-simple, super-quick to prepare, and I've already made them a few times this week at breakfast time, offering them to Joseph with either a few baked apple slices or half a banana. I've also started offering him some cooled boiled water to keep things moving in his gut. He doesn't seem to drink very much at all, but he doesn't bothered that it's water in his bottle rather than milk. I've been putting the handles on his water bottles, which he seems to enjoy using, and I think it helps him to differentiate it from milk.

Super-quick cinnamon oat bites
  • 3 tbsp porridge oats
  • 3 tbsp full fat cow's milk
  • A sprinkle of cinnamon (not pictured, as I only thought to add this the second time I made them and didn't think to photograph them. I think I will update this post next time I make them).

Mix the ingredients together in a bowl. I realised afterwards that I really didn't need to use such a big bowl, a cereal bowl would suffice!

Dollop and flatten the mixture onto a microwaveable plate (or dish) using a spoon - I tried to make 'finger' shapes. 

Microwave for 2- 2.5 minutes. I did 2.5 as although the original recipe says to heat on high for 2 minutes, I don't know where the 'high' button is on my microwave, only the standard 'heat-for-30-seconds-at-a-time' button, which I figured would be of average heat, thus I'd need an extra 30 seconds. 

I was pleasantly surprised that they actually stayed intact, when I scraped them from the plate using a knife, and didn't crumble in my fingers.

My judge approved!

The cookbook suggests pressing some sultanas or raisins into the mix but I didn't have any, although I will get some. 

I don't know how these keep if you wanted to make batches of them, but I just made three fingers, wrapped the other two in foil, and offered them to him throughout the same day whilst we were out and about. 

I've also experimented with shapes a little bit, mostly trying to make them as long and as thin as possible so that Joseph can grab them easily, but I've found that he isn't at all fussy about the shape or size as he seems to be able to grab them just fine, and will eat them as they come. I generally try to go for the Rich Tea Finger look, though.

Let me know if you give these a try!  Also, please let me know if you know of any super simple and nutritious BLW ideas! x

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