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Baby-led weaning: Week #1

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I'm not planning to write about Joseph's weaning journey every week, but I will certainly keep the blog updated on his progress from time to time. I expect I'll be adding to my collection of Instagram videos over the coming weeks and months too, so you can follow those on there... But I do warn you that I am a total baby bore!

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So, in hindsight, I should've waited until I'd read the Baby Led Weaning cook book before I started weaning Joseph, because that book is awwwwesome! For starters, it shows you how to cut a banana to avoid the slippery situation we encountered on Day #1 of weaning and I've already cooked two things out of it, and I literally never cook from scratch because I don't enjoy it whatsoever. Ok, so one of the things I 'cooked' was a sauce, but, still, that's an improvement from just reaching for a jar. The recipes are super basic (so maybe not so great for 'foodies') so you don't have to buy a million ingredients, and the things you do buy feature in multiple recipes so it's not like it will hang around in your cupboard forever. We haven't started including Joseph in our meal times yet, but I just wanted to give some of the recipes a go before we did. The mushroom risotto was a big hit with Ruari and I am feeling more confident, and even excited, about serving Joseph 'real' food and meals in the near future once he has graduated from first tastes.

Here is how our first week of weaning went: 

I started Joseph on the banana on Monday but he didn't eat any. I've written a blog post about how it went, here, which may be of interest.

On Tuesday I ate a banana whilst Joseph was sat on my lap and he was trying to steal it from me but, when I called his bluff, he seemed more interested in the skin than the flesh so he just had a little suck on the inside of that, the little weirdo!

On the Wednesday, I offered Joseph banana again. He really wanted it but it was just too slippery for him to get the gob-full he so desperately wanted, so I held it for him and let him guide my hand to his mouth. He loved it and I was surprised at how much he ate. 

On Thursday, we tried banana yet again. This time I prepared it as per the BLW book and Joseph was much more able to get a good grip, with both hands, and completely able to feed himself. He seemed to really enjoy it and I was so pleased that he'd managed it without my help. It was at this point I wished I'd read that book beforehand! 

As we were on a roll, I offered Joseph a slice of apple whilst I had lunch with my mum in town and, again, he did really well at putting it to his mouth. He didn't eat much of it but he had a good suckle and seemed satisfied.

We had a day off from weaning on Friday as I spent the day at my mum's house and we didn't have a seat there that could hold Joseph upright enough to allow him to eat without risk of choking. Joseph refuses to sit unaided now, even though he did it a few weeks ago - he'll either suddenly arch his back and fall backwards or he just falls forward in slow motion and face-plants the floor before going flat on his tummy then rolling over onto his back. It feels like it'll be a while before he is sitting up unaided full-time. His ability to roll from front to back is new, though, and started on the 1st of October. I was soooo so pleased when he did it - I think I freaked out our cat with my squealing as he was also laying on the bed with Joseph and I. Interestingly, I had to sort-of demonstrate to Joseph how to roll, by rolling him, and it was almost like he just re-enacted what I'd done to him. He still hasn't mastered the back-to-front roll, though, even with my tuition. 

On Saturday, Ruari had a day off and we tried Joseph on avocado. I prepared a few different sizes so that he could find out for himself which gave him the best grip. I even tried leaving the skin on for one piece as, according to the cook book, babies soon figure out what is edible or not, but it sort of fell of on its own within a few seconds. He bit off quite a decent amount of flesh, but I'm not sure if he actually ate any of it as he seemed to dribble chunks of it out, and even looked as though he was smoking it at one point! We gave him banana for afters, which he was pleased with. 

On Sunday, I tried him on steamed carrot and apple. Pretty much the same deal as with the avocado. I think the carrot may have been a little hard for him, but by the time I offered him softer carrot, he'd lost interest. I'd forgotten that I'd read that you can microwave apple a little bit to soften them so I will be sure to try that next time he has apple.

Overall, banana is by far and away Joseph's favourite food and it's so funny to see his eyes light up and really reach for it when he sees him. It's also apparent that he is actually managing to eat some as his nappy has been containing the black threads that you're warned about! 

I have been finding it slightly frustrating that he's not eating as much compared with how much a puree-eating baby would seemingly eat, but I am trying to be patient as he is still a little bit under the six month mark and a lot can change is a couple of weeks. I just need to make sure I'm offering him as wide a variety of foods as possible although, for now, we want to avoid grains until he is six months, so just focussing on fruits and veggies. A large part of baby led weaning, it seems, is to do with the preparation of the foods that allow babies to grab and explore, and put to mouth before dropping. I want to try broccoli next, but I need to go food shopping first! I'm also desperate to get to Ikea to buy and Antilop high-chair as those are supposed to be ideal for BLW, but I must say that Joseph's Bumbo has been great so far as it is so easy to clean... apart from the straps which now have banana ingrained in them! 

A few notes:
  • I have been warned that banana and avocado create the worst clothing stains, hence Joseph being in just a nappy whilst eating those especially!
  • In case you've not been warned, as mentioned, you can expect to see black threads in babies' poo when they've eaten banana. 
  • I've found that apple is the easiest food for 'on the go' although it means you can't microwave them to soften them unless you ask at a kitchen I guess.
  • Babies should be as upright as possible when eating to minimise risk of choking. 
  • Babies' gag reflexes are much further forward than adults so they gag really easily. Joseph gagged a few times, but was able to bring the food back out on his own as was happy to continue exploring the foods.
  • With BLW you should let the baby put the food in its mouth without your help as, again, that's supposed to prevent choking and gagging as the baby is in control. I helped Joseph on Wednesday but I really think that if he could've got the grip that he wanted to, he would've fed himself.
Here are a couple of useful resources I've found so far:
Let me know if you know of some useful BLW resources!

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