Saturday, 4 October 2014

Recent Purchases: #2

I never used to take photos of clothes for my last blog, and preparing for this post has reminded me why! I think I need a camera rather than using my iphone - or perhaps I need to just learn how to edit photos. Style/fashion bloggers, I salute you for your efforts, and I apologise for the awful photos!

So as Joseph is nearing the next age bracket of clothing, I decided it was time to buy some bits & bobs. We're extremely fortunate in that some of our friends handed loads of baby-boy clothes down to us, so that coupled with generous grandparents who like to buy him things like vests and pyjamas, I don't really have to buy Joseph much at all.

Ramones jumper: £7.99 H&M.
'Boom Splash' leggings: £6.99 Zara.

I've heard only good things about Zara baby leggings, so I had to try a pair. I couldn't resist this punk rock jumper for winter either.

Skeleton sleep suit: £6 Morrisons.

For Halloween, obvs. I saw the cutest skeleton costume in the Gap outlet store which was a little more intricate than this, but they didn't have Joseph's size and I couldn't be bothered with checking/ordering it online. It had a piece of candy corn in the ribs!

Shirt: £11.99 Zara
Trousers: £5.99 H&M
Desert boots: £3.50 Next sale

This will be Joseph's outfit for Christmas day (if he can still fit in it by then!) and any occasions we will go to over the next three months. I bought the desert boots before he was born, I think, and they're all fluffy inside... Not that he needs shoes!

Long sleeve tops: £3.99 each but on 3 for 2 in H&M.
Hat: £4 but with 25% off in Sainsbury's.
Denim jacket: £14.99 H&M.
Denim leggings: £3 Morrisons.

Some basic long sleeve tops in my favourite colours. The cutest hat ever, although I've seen ones that are fully fleece lined and have chin-straps in places like Zara. A denim jacket like mine, but darker (I am one of those mums that sometimes likes to co-ordinate with their baby. I'm such an embarrassment, sorry Josie!) And denim-y girl-leggings purely for the ease of use on my part. The turn up is really girly, but I don't care... Sorry again Jose!

Finger puppets by 'Little Fingy': £2.50 each in Waterstones.

I couldn't resist these expensive but very sweet hand-knitted finger puppets by Little Fingy. Apparently 10% of the profits go to charity. Joseph loves fingers at the moment. Also, anything black, red or yellow. These weren't even the best ones of the lot, but I chose them for the colours. Each puppet has a name (aww!) and these two are called Nectar Norma and Flirty Gerty!

2.5 tog 6-18m 'Blast off' Grobag: £23 instead of £34 in Mothercare at the moment

Because he is gro-ing... #lolz.

Bright Starts door bouncer: £27.50 in Mothercare

Joseph already loves this one... or at least he loves watching me jump around in front of him whilst he dangles. I don't like to leave him in it for long as I'm paranoid about hip dysplasia and posture issues, but whilst we're waiting for the kettle to boil is fine, I think. It seems good for getting his burps out too!

This next one is for me and I am soooo so excited for it to arrive! I also bought the 'free to grow' extenders for £20 too. Well, Ruari bought (or I like to say 'invested in') it for me/us. I read a really useful review that compared Tula vs Boba vs Ergobaby carriers, which helped me decide on The Happy Hippie Homemaker's blog although I was already sold on this as it's just so darn pretty!

Tula Baby carrier: £95 from

I bought it from after checking with the Canterbury Sling Library group on Facebook that they were a reputable company seeing as my first choice website was sold out of this particular design. It's a Sling Thing also do a neat rental service but I was too impatient and decided that I needed this ASAP. Joseph is going through a clingy phase at the moment so I really could've done with one this week. Free postage too!

I daren't add it all up! Must.stop.spending!

Link me to your haul posts in the comments below! x

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