Sunday, 2 November 2014

Pic of the week: #12

This picture looks so serene, right? A lovely baby and a sleepy cat resting in the same bed. Aww. This was actually taken last weekend, and shared on Instagram, but I wanted to share it as there's an off-topic, grim story behind it, which you may not actually want to read, but will always remind me that Instagram isn't a true representation of reality.

Well, the cat continued to nap in that spot for many hours after this shot and when he did eventually move, we'd discovered he'd left us a present. And not one you'd perhaps expect. Thankfully I didn't see it; Ruari spotted it as we were putting our PJs on, well I was putting on mine, and I could tell by the look in his eyes that I needed to leave the room immediately. Feel free to stop reading here!

So what was it? Custard (the cat) had not only puked up a hairball (which, for non cat-owners aren't as inoffensive as they maybe sound... They look like a mix between a poo and a giant slug, and they're wet), but next to it was what Ruari described as a long, thick white noodle which was still wriggling and on closer inspection looked like a spinal column. Yeah, Custard had left us a tape worm which must've been calling his stomach home for God knows how long. Needless to say we changed the sheets, put the duvet in the launderette and gave the cats their dosage of worming tablets the next time we saw them, and they have not be allowed on our bed ever since. I feel sick at the thought of Joseph being anywhere near such a thing but I suspect Custard had done it long after I'd taken Joseph out of the room as, in the evening, Custard joined us in the living room and found somewhere else to nap, probably because he'd made said mess!

So I'm sorry if that's made you queazy but although it's gross, I think it's kinda funny and, weirdly, I want to remember it. 

Have a great Sunday x

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