Sunday, 9 November 2014

Pic of the week: #13

Ruari had Thursday off work this week (he has one week day and one weekend-day off... Never next to eachother, grr) and we went for a little walk around the back of Chartham. Ruari carried Joseph in the Tula and he eventually fell asleep (Joseph not Ruari.) It was fun to explore parts of Chartham that I'd not seen before, like the quarry and farmland adjacent to the Great Stour Way. We went in the late afternoon about an hour before it got really dark and it was kind of magical. I liked the stones at the quarry as they reminded me of Eastbourne beach (I grew up in Eastbourne).... But instead of looking up and seeing the sea I saw fields of green instead.
I hope you had a great weekend. Mine's been filled with 60th birthday celebrations - my auntie on my Dad's side and my father in law's. Blows my mind to think that in 30 years time Joseph will be Ruari's age, Ruari will be his dad's age and his dad will be 90! And if Grandad makes it, he will be 108! Thank you for reading and also sorry if you're reading this on a computer and the formatting is all squiffy- the app has issues! xxx

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