Sunday, 16 November 2014

Pic of the week: #14

Here we are outside the church that Ruari and I were married in on Cinco de Mayo 2012.
I have found it hard to wear anything other than either one of my denim jackets with my Tula as the print is so strong- also as the straps are thick so it makes my shoulders look weird and hunch-backed if I wear a coat over them. I've been looking into winter babywearing options - none of which seem that flattering, particularly when you have a thick-strapped carrier rather than a woven wrap - but I like the idea of an oversized mustard raincoat to throw over the top and to zip Joseph up into. I was watching one by Boden on Ebay the day that this photo was taken, but one of the curses of Canterbury is a lack of 3G (First World problem, I know) and I couldn't bid on it before the time ran out. Grr. There are a few mustard macs still on Ebay but they look paper thin and I'd prefer something with some level of warmth. 

So, yeah, for the foreseeable, in my pictures I will be in one of my denim jackets! 

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