Sunday, 23 November 2014

Pic of the week: #15

Joseph turned seven months old this week and has fiiiinally turned into a full-time sitter-upper after my determination to ensure that he spent as much time on the floor as possible, supported by my U-shaped breastfeeding cushion, rather than resting between my legs. He now also seems ever-so slightly interested in crawling, but I have a feeling he'll be a bit later than average for most things seeing as he was late to roll as well. I have to remind myself that they'll get there in the end, he'll do stuff in his own time, it's not a competition (I mostly feel like I'm competing with those 'what to expect' books), nor is his development a relflection on my adequacy as a mother (that last one is tricky for me). 

Anyway, on his seven month birthday we accidentally co-ordinated mustard & navy blue outfits and we went to two baby groups that day (where we got numerous comments about our matchiness!) It was our last Baby Sensory class, aside from maybe the Christmas party, and we tried a music group run by Sure Start which was really nice and friendly so I plan to go back this week.
I hope you had a good weekend. I am full of snot and I think Joseph may have caught my sniffles! Gahh! N'night xx


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