Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Recent Purchases: #3

Socks! I love plain socks in different colours as it's then so easy to just co-ordinate them with an outfit. I've found that Matalan do some great plain crew socks but they hadn't seemed to have adjusted their colour palette for autumnal outfits (they're brighter in real life than their web-picture) - not knowing any better I re-bought the bright set that I'd used throughout summer in a bigger size before coming across this set from Tesco for £3. I particularly love the mustard pair.

I've wanted to get Joseph to Water Babies for months, but as class sizes are very small you have to be quick when a new beginner class starts. I've been on the waiting list for a while now and finally the stars aligned and our opportunity to book on at our nearest hydrotherapy pool came up. Classes are not cheap at all - £123.75 for a term of ten half an hour lessons - but I really wanted to give it a try and hopefully get Joseph even more confident in the water. I now just need to get him a special Water Babies nappy.

Joseph loves this book; Yawn by Nick Sharratt and Sally Symes. We're working on our book collection as I must admit I'm not that great at remembering to read to him before bed, but he seems to really like the illustrations, as do I!

I'm really keen on Joseph learning some sign-language so that he can tell me what he wants before he can talk. At Baby Sensory we've been told to expect signs back at around eight months old so I really hope I'll get a treat from him! He already loves the Baby Sensory 'Say Hello' song and if he's having a freak out he is calmed by me singing it to him, or even if I just do the signs he is mesmerised. I've learnt that Baby Sensory use either own signs which are a mix of a few different types of sign languages (yeah, I thought there would be a single universal sign language) which not everyone might understand should he need to sign to anyone other than me - so we've been going to Sign & Rhyme groups each week for about a month now and I also bought these flashcards by Cath Smith from Amazon - both of which use British Sign Language (BSL). Prices range from £6.63- £9.79 plus postage.

I went to Holland & Barratt after some unsuccessful supermarket shopping looking for quinoa, tofu and low salt vegetable stock and found exactly what I was after within seconds. I am particularly pleased to have some veggie protein in the house for Joseph now... I just need to figure out how to use it all!

We were at a garden centre recently and saw this adorable Christmas decorations for £1.99 each (I think). I couldn't resist the penguin for Joseph, but he very wisely pointed out that 'Lola' is Tagalog for grandma and seeing as his grandma is Filipino he thought she'd really like to hang it on her tree from him!

The Ella's Kitchen 'red' cookbook came highly recommended to me by some of the Instamums so when I saw it for £6.99 in TK Maxx recently, I had to buy it. So far I've only made the mixed bean chilli which Joseph enjoyed... And if he's anything like me then he will love the stickers in the back of it when he grows up.


I also bought a couple of Halloweeny things but as it's now mid-November it's kind of too late to write about them!

Have you bought any goodies lately? Link me to your latest haul posts below! x


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