Saturday, 15 November 2014

The Hungry Caterpillar: #3

Joseph turns seven months old on Wednesday and recently he has tried:

Home made carrot & lentil soup (made by Ruari!) - this was actually his first experience with a puréed texture and a baby spoon, but he loved it and ate a lot more than I thought he would. I initially tried to spoon feed him but he'd block the spoon with his hand and try to feed it to himself so instead I pre-loaded each spoonful and handed him the handle of the spoon and he knew exactly what to do. Clever baby!

Natural yoghurt - his face scrunched up from the bitter taste the first time he tried it, but the second and third time he fed himself, again with a pre-loaded spoon, with much more gusto.

Tinned pineapple in juice - again his face scrunched up from the sweetness this time but he seemed to like the feel of it on his gummies.

A roast dinner on his Grandad's 60th birthday. He tried roast chicken, brussel sprouts, roast potatoes, carrots and broccoli. He's had the latter two before but he enjoyed the broccoli much more this time around. I have been in two minds about whether to bring Joseph up as vegetarian but I have decided not to, or not whilst he's a baby at least as I just want to make sure he's getting everything he needs and I'm just not confident in my ability to provide him enough baby-safe veggie protein. I get mine (although probably not enough) from often very salty and processed foods which I cannot share with him. This was his first taste of meat and it was clear that it was a new texture for him - I think he only managed to digest a couple of tiny shreds and the floor got the rest.

Eggy bread - the first time I've ever made it and he seemed to really enjoy it. This is a bit grim of me, but I get a weird sense of satisfaction when I see the seeds from the seeded bread that he's eaten in his nappy the next day. Although poppy seeds can be slightly run-away!

Lemon drizzle cake. I'm not proud of this one but Ruari's mum had him on her lap at a party we were at recently and he reached for her cake and she let him have a bite. I was there but I felt helpless to stop it. I felt angry at myself afterwards for not saying anything but I don't want to be an up-tight mum or upset grandparents who have raised their own children just fine, but I just really don't want him to eat a lot of sugary and processed things and I just hope they won't be feeding him junk food when they babysit him.

Saying that, he tried a mini breadstick yesterday as a friend had an open packet and shared one with him - he didn't seem overly impressed but I found it quite tasty, hehe.

Banana and cinnamon on toast - the cinnamon is a new addition to an already popular food with Joseph... If he likes cinnamon as an adult we'll know why as he also has it in his oat bites and porridge.

Strawberry and raspberries. He wasn't convinced!

What are your bambino's favourite foods? x

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