Wednesday, 31 December 2014


On the last day of 2014 Joseph slept all night in his own cot in his room and woke us up at the respectable time of 7.30am with the sound of his singing. Since we've been home after our few nights away over Christmas, and his top two teeth have come through, Joseph hasn't been waking up crying in the night leading us to co-sleep with him in our bed. I got out of bed, put the kettle on for his milk and plucked him from his bed. I changed his nappy whilst we waited for the water to cool and Joseph played with the Baby Einstein musical turtle he got for Christmas. He loves to flip it on its back so that it speeds through all the music in its repertoire which drives me a little insane. Before long his bottle was ready and he drank his 6 ounces with haste. After more playing and attempts at crawling, we moved to the kitchen where I plopped Joseph in his high chair whilst I prepared his breakfast of Weetabix with a couple of crushed blueberries thrown in there for luck. I used to spoon feed him his Weetabix but now I break up the biscuit then soften it with milk in a bowl then put each part on his tray to let him feed himself. To be honest, I'm always hovering over ready to spoon some to him too as I want to make sure he gets a decent feed (although that's against the law of baby led weaning) but it's actually unneccessary as he's happy to just feed himself and gets a fair amount in without my assistance. I need to let go of the spoon I think. 
After getting Joseph dressed into his Christmas jumper for the last time and a little more playing, he seemed ready for his nap. I took him to our bed and started to write a blog post about my anxieties about 2015 before deciding that was too negative so I tried to write about my highlights of 2014 instead. Before I could get into the swing of writing, the phone rang waking Joseph up just 30 minutes after he'd fallen asleep (it was Ruari reminding me to take his parents' Indian visa applications with me to Dobbies with me where I was meeting his mum for lunch). I threw on some freshly laundered jeans and my beloved mustard jumper, spruced up my face (I decided to wear contact lenses today), bunged Joseph in his car seat and headed out of the door. 

 We drove to Ashford and Joseph finally succumbed to sleep about 5 minutes before we reached our destination. To let him get more rest I read a little more of a book I got for Christmas (#GIRLBOSS) for a few minutes for Ruari's mum tapped on the window. I got out the pushchair and clipped Joseph, still in his carseat, into it. I never babywear around grandparents as they like to push him around and shower him with kisses and cuddles. We headed straight into the cafe and I had a mushroom soup and a roll. I had a lunchbox for Joseph comprising of last night's leftovers- mashed potato with salmon and leek, green beans, carrot sticks and broccoli. The green beans went down the best and he only ate the salmony mash when I smeared it over a carrot. Only a tiny bit made it in his mouth. Whenever he eats meat I always wonder whether he will choose to eat it when he's older. I don't eat any meat at all whereas Ruari does. I am happy for Joseph to eat it and make the decision for himself if he feels there is a decision to be made. After he made it clear he was done with eating I gave him his milk and I had a coffee. He was super fidgety and playful and within a split second of me putting my coffee down after the first sip he had grabbed it and spilt it over us- his hand, his muslin, his clothes, my handwash only jumper and fresh jeans. He cried as we all gasped in panic and the clanging of the cup and saucer was loud and of course the shock of the hot liquid on his skin. I panicked and ran to the toilet to run his hand under cold water and strip his clothes off. Luckily he was totally fine- he was happy and his skin didn't blister. The coffee wasn't too hot as it'd cooled whilst I'd given him his milk but his hand and a patch on his tummy were a little red.   

I emerged from the loo holding Joseph in just his nappy and socks - in my panic I'd not grabbed my changing bag - my jeans covered in mocha. Anyone would be forgiven for thinking he'd done an explosive poo over me. When I got back to my seat I dressed him in his spare vest and pyjamas and sipped the dregs of my coffee.
We had a long wander around Dobbies (a garden centre in which I've spent a large proportion of my maternity leave hanging out with Ruari's mum in and have probably mentioned before). I do enjoy meandering around and I love that Joseph sees so much of his grandparents but a part of me can't help but feel like I am not using my time very wisely. Sophia Amoruso would not spend her maternity leave having a second hot drink and a cream scone before checking out the baby clothes sale in Sainsbury's. I doubt she'd take maternity leave full stop. I feel directionless though. One of my resolutions is to use my time more wisely and make the most of the rest of my leave with Joseph. I'm fortunate to be able to take the full year of entitlement and I have scheduled in my remaining KIT days. When I feel sad that my leave is more than two-thirds over I have to remind myself that I've had a heck of a lot longer than women get at all and to not be so 'glass two-thirds empty' and make the most of the time I have rather than feeling like my time is nearly up.

 After a fruitless look through the sale I parted ways with Fiona and went to my mum's house after stopping by at my house to pick up Joseph's bed time supplies. I thought she was out at first as all of the lights in her house were off but I went to her room and found her curled up in bed (it was 5pm by this point). She'd had a bad day of pain and hadn't moved. I made her a coffee and brought up a yoghurt and fed Joseph his yoghurt in her bed at the same time.
For the record, that's a yoghurt tash!
 He gave her cuddles (he raises his arms for people, mostly to get out of whichever seat or position he's in but I count it as a hug) she gave him kisses and I attempted to choose #mybestfour2014 before preparing his last bath of 2014. 
Perhaps not my best four, but I do love these ones!
 He had a great time spashing about and flipping over. We now brush his teeth in the bath and he sips water from his un-lidded bird cup without fear of spilling it everyyywhere. 
Joseph has a Mongolian Blue Spot on his lower back.
Possibly my best Instax shot ever. I suck at them!
Mum dressed him in a new onesie she'd bought him and gave him his last milk bottle of the day. He always leaves an ounce or two to drink in the dark so I gave him the last bit and put him to sleep in mum's bed sandwiched between two pillows. That is how Joseph spent his last day of 2014. Cuddles and play time with his Granny and Grandma (and me). 

I plan to take him home shortly as Ruari will be home to spend the last couple of hours of the year with me, most likely looking over our beautiful and wonderful son - reflecting on our year and wondering what 2015 will hold for us and the opportunities we will make for ourselves.... Or watching Telly! 

 I hope you all have a great evening whatever you're doing and I wish you all the happiest new year. 

See you in 2015! xxx


  1. All I can suggest re BLW is just relax. I did a mixture of ellas pouches, baby led, finger/fist led, spoon fed, blaaaah and ophelia just chose to do whatever she wanted!! She actually still does, although that's more due to naughtiness than anything else!

    1. Hi Sophie! Thank you for your suggestion - I think you're right and it's good to hear that Ophelia is doing just fine by doing a mixture of everything! xx


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