Sunday, 28 December 2014

Joseph's First Christmas

And just like that, Christmas is over! I hope you had a lovely time. I had the most special Christmas ever thanks to wee Joseph and I think he enjoyed it too. Rather than posting a 'Pic of the Week' I'd like to just share some photos of the last few days so that I don't forget how our Christmas went.

On Christmas day I got up with Joseph at around 6.30am and let Ruari have a lay-in until a little later. He had his milk and a Weetabix breakfast before I dressed him into his little elf onesie and we were then joined by papa. We'd opened Joseph's one present from us on Christmas eve as he was in a 'crawly' mood so we used it to encourage him to move about a little more. I've not got a good picture of it, but it's a 'Push along ladybird' by Orange Tree... but it looks like the devil more than a ladybird and reminds me of something from the Nightmare Before Christmas! (After looking at the product description I've just realised that it's meant for 12+ months an to help encourage walking rather than for parents to use to encourage crawling, but I reckon it can be used as both!) 
Joseph had a few other gifts to open on Christmas morning from friends and relatives including a My Pal Scout from one of my friends from school and a lovely Christmas jumper outfit, a beautiful Cath Kidston santa onesie from my manager, a pair of big-boy pyjamas (button up two-piece rather than a onesie), a long-sleeved bib and Dear Zoo. Lucky boy!
Ruari and I then took it in turns to get ready and he dropped me off at church so I could meet my mum and brother for Christmas mass. I'm not at all religious, but my mum really is and it means a lot to her for me to go to church with her on Christmas day. She really wanted Joseph to come too but I managed to get him out of it and he went with his dad to his granny and grandad's house instead. After mass I went back to my mum's house and we opened a few gifts and had a coffee before my brother drove us to where Joseph and Ruari were. 
When we arrived, Christmas lunch was almost ready and Joseph's high chair and place setting were waiting for him but he was grouchy and tired as he'd missed his morning nap from all the excitement - I was sent pictures of him enjoying more present-opening whilst I was at church! It was quite a late lunch - 3pm - so I tried to put him down for a nap but within minutes he was crying and wanting to be a part of whatever was going on (it seemed) so we sat him at the table but his heart wasn't in the eating part - he was too busy looking around at the nine other people looking at him.
We put turkey, sprouts, carrots, swede, roast potatoes and cauliflower on his plate, but he didn't manage to eat all that much - I think from a mix of teething pain and tiredness - so I ended up giving him an Ella's Kitchen pouch for dessert which he really wolfed down (I really do think I've messed up his baby led weaning by giving him pouches though. Gah!!). I'd felt the very tips of Joseph's two top front teeth through the gums in the morning so I'm certain they were giving him grief. 
After lunch it was time for an outfit change as Joseph had got food all down himself, so we put him in the Santa onesie before we opened more presents. Joseph was given all of the clothes I'd bought on my mum's behalf in Gap but I'm a little concerned that they look small even though they are are meant to last up to 12 months and Joseph isn't particularly big (despite the cheeks!). I need to try them on him but I have a feeling that my mum will have binned the receipt. Anywayyy. 
We then gave Joseph a bath and put him to bed in the travel cot in the room we were staying in - he was really ready for bed as he never did have a nap and slept well until around 1am. We ended up co-sleeping and having to settle him a couple of times in the night but overall he did well.
Ruari got up with Joseph on Boxing Day morning and they let me have a lay-in followed by a chilled morning of helping make desserts. Joseph was really trying to crawl but he's not quite there yet. It's so cute to watch. 
Ruari's grandad and his wife came over for 12.30pm and we had another Christmassy lunch but this time I didn't give Joseph a pouch for afters. It was then time for presents and he was given a  Bigjigs toy train to sit on (not really age appropriate, but he liked it) and a lovely Noah's Ark toy by The Puppet Company (I love their stuff after seeing it at Baby Sensory). 
The afternoon zoomed by - Joseph enjoyed watching the fire and looking out of the window and he had a short nap on me in the Tula. For tea he had a rice cake with Laughing Cow spread and baked apple slices before bath and bed time. He slept much better on Boxing Day night although we ended up co-sleeping again. 

The next morning he was up early and we went down for breakfast. I couldn't work the TV so the dogs provided the morning's entertainment by sharing the jokes they'd found in their crackers (hehe). Joseph was in good spirits despite the fact that his top two teeth had made it right through the gum overnight and they look quite beastly! 
Ruari had work that day so we packed up most of our things and went back to our house although we knew we'd be staying over again at Ruari's parents' house for our annual games night with friends. During the day Joseph became some sort of poo machine but he then actually managed to nap and let me get on with a bit of house tidying. 
How many poos, Joseph?! Four?!
I started feeling a bit lonely so I considered braving the sales as Joseph needs some 9-12 month vests and pyjamas but I couldn't face it so we went to my mum's house for a few hours instead. 
Gurney Gurnerson
I then bathed him there before picking Ruari up and going back to Ruari's parents house where we put Joseph straight to bed. (Are you keeping up with who's house we were at?!) I struggled with games night (we played Tension) as I was just so tired from the early start (I am a wuss), so when Joseph started crying at 12am I got him out of the travel cot and co-slept with him from then onwards. 
This morning Joseph woke up early again but Ruari's mum was awake so she took him and looked after him whilst Ruari and I both laid in. We stayed until mid-afternoon playing with Joseph's toys (mostly his Duplo and Baby Einstein turtle) before him then having a big nap on me in the Tula at around midday followed by salad for lunch. 
We then went back to my mum's house as my dad came up from Eastbourne to visit. I tried to get Joseph to eat more of his Turkey salad but he wasn't having any of it so I gave him a pouch. I then bathed him there then we brought him home. He is sleeping soundly for not but I am sure that he will end up in our bed later tonight! 
So there we have it... Our Christmas wasn't all that interesting I guess, but I really enjoyed spending time with family and being away from home as it meant that I didn't have the pressure of keeping Joseph entertained for the entire time. It's something I've been struggling with a little bit lately as he is getting increasingly alert and active. I also find myself getting a bit anxious before bath time too but I'm not sure why really. I'm glad Joseph got to see a Christmas tree as we've not got one up at our house - just a tiny one on the mantle piece. I'm also pleased with how well Joseph coped with seeing so many faces and being away from home despite having minimal naps and having to cope with teething.

I'd love to hear how your Christmas went! Leave me a comment or link me to your Christmas blog posts!

N'night xxx


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  1. Awhh sounds lovely! Ha it cracks me up how people get such age inappropriate gidts!! My sister got ophelia a trampoline for her first birthday!lolz. I don't know why im laughing, before I had children I would've had NO clue!!


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