Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Bit of a random post, but I am feeling really excitable this evening so I just want to get it out!

Blog-wise, I have two Mummy Time posts confirmed for this week and next week; I can't wait to share Amber and Amaris' posts - they are both talented and wonderful mamas - go check out their IGs @threadthelove and @lovelyblondecloset! It really is an honour to be able to feature a different mum on the blog each week and I feel so lucky that people are willing to share their lives with this ol' thing! The first ever mum to feature on Mummy Time is also incredible (@hannahsunited) and I'm so excited to receive the bits and bobs I have commissioned from her for Christmas including these cute crochet fairy lights!

Joseph-wise, last night he slept through from 7.30pm until 7am without a 5am waking (that I heard of at least!) and today he sprouted his second tooth without any fuss! Judging from how he acted with his first tooth, I am expecting tears and freak-outs in the coming days because he was fine when his first one initially cut through the gum but it seemed to give him more hassle the more it grew... if that makes sense!?

Yesterday, Joseph had his first Water Babies class and it was the cutest thing ever, ut went really well and he was totally un-bothered by having water splashed in his face or being dipped underwater- I just wish I could have got him started on it sooner as I think I'll be going back to work midway through term two and I'm not sure how the dates would fit around our trip to Goa and I don't really want to miss a class as they're so pricey.

I feel like weaning (when does it just become 'eating') is going well and I just need to make sure there are enough suitable foods around for him to nom on... His current favourites are rice cakes and satsumas... In fact, when I got into bed to write this I found an empty segment of satsuma (he sucks the juice out and leaves the webbing!) and some of his rice cake crumbs from earlier embedded into my sheets (he doesn't normally eat in bed, honest, but I just wanted to get something in him before we went out this afternoon and it happened that I'd plonked him in bed whilst I was getting ready).

Today I went into Mothercare as my mum kindly offered to buy Joseph his next car seat as a Christmas present - I thought I knew which one I wanted (a bright yellow and grey 'robot' Cosatto one that lasts until he's eleven) but then the thought of looking at it for the next ten years put me off especially as I only really half-like it now, so I decided I'd go for something a bit quieter. The lady I spoke to in Mothercare was really helpful and she said she thought Joseph still had a little way to go left in his current car seat, perhaps until around February judging from the inch gap of distance above his head and the top of the seat. She also said that it's probably best to go for a group 1 seat if he'll be going in it every day rather than a group 1,2,3,4 due to the seat's super-upright positioning and potential strain on his neck from head-dangling if he fell asleep in it (which is inevitable). She said that group 1-4 seats are better for once-weekly grandparent cars but not for daily use. I think I like the super pricey (especially if you use Iso-fix) Maxi-Cosi 2way Pearl as you can have them rear-facing until 15 months old which is apparently much safer than forward facing, and I know that there are some campaigns about the importance of rear-facing for as long as possible such as I am going to look into more rear-facing options now that I know I should buy a group 1 seat, which will do until he's around four years old and hopefully there will be some good sales for Christmas.

Me-wise, on Saturday I left Joseph with Ruari and took my brother to London to see a play with Lindsay Lohan in it called Speed the Plow! Oli (my brother) is an aspiring actor so loves the theatre. When the play finished I realised that I've never actually watched a play in the West End before, only musicals, but it was good though and I strangely enjoyed it and seeing Li-Lo in the flesh! We had a mooch around Covent Garden afterwards, ate at Chipotle and tried on some Barbour jackets before getting the train home... I also went slightly mad in Baby Gap as there was 40% off. Oops.

I am getting my hair done on Thursday as an early birthday present from my mum (my split ends are in desperate need of a chop), and I have my work's Christmas party on Friday night... I am a little nervous to see people though, and I have nothing to wear! On Saturday it's my best friend's birthday so we're going out for a nice meal and on Monday I am doing a baby first aid course. I am going to try and do a KIT day at work next week too, and Ruari is taking me to see Danny Elfman perform songs from Tim Burton movies on Friday night at the Albert Hall, again for an early birthday present. Quite a few bits going on!

Randomly, I have slowly been rekindling my love of Twitter (@nickohlaa) after being pretty much absent for however many months (a long time) and in the last couple of days have been saying 'hello' to some fellow mum-bloggers. Whilst I do love Instagram, it was bumming me out a little bit the other week (probably hormonal more than anything), but I've made some changes and now I'm happy again. I feel like Black Friday was a bit of a test - I've been following quite a few shops that sell the same sorts of things for a little while now, but when it came to the crunch (the pressure of buying something whilst a good discount was on) I didn't buy anything from any of them despite filling my shopping cart with lots of beautiful, but ultimately unnecessary, things... So I unfollowed most of them and now my feed feels a little less filled with sales messages and more just filled with inspiring mums and pictures of cute babies. Yay!

Right, I need to go to sleep! Thank you for bearing with me on this ramble! N'night! xx

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