Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Mummy Time: Pregnancy cravings

As there won't be any Mummy Time posts for the next few weeks whilst Christmas is taking priority, I'd like to write a few fun summary posts in their absence! This week it's all about what the mamas craved!

Marmite in everything - tea, toast, soup. I also was addicted to salt and vinegar chip sticks or salty popcorn. I loved fromage frais yoghurts and would eat about twelve in one sitting! Dora Acquaviva

I was a vegetarian from the age of 16 pretty much up to my pregnancy, but then all I could think about was bacon.  Bacon bacon bacon. Loved it. I also ate a lot of cake, hated coffee and had a real thing for cleaning products. Particularly lemon Flash and green Fairy liquid. There was also a night when I was sniffing a tube of Germolene while listening to Gospel music. Don’t ask.Sophie Dowd

Pickled beetroot- I got through at least two jars a week. I also loved any drinks made with ice!Hannah Miles

Image: Sarah Weston

For the first four months I just wanted pickled beetroot, but after the sickness went- any food that I could get my hands on… which led to a three stone weight gain!!!Amy Martyr

Aldi ice pops… still crave them now! I had crumpets for breakfast pretty much my whole pregnancy too although I always denied they were a craving.Megan Smith 

Ice! I was heavily pregnant during the summer and found the heat unbearable so I just used to fill glasses full of ice and chow down on that.Lyndsay Buchanan

The smell of my freshly washed laundry, Ollie would often find me with a wet t-shirt stuffed against my face. I'd often wash things that didn't need to be just to get my fix! - Ruth Sauverin

In the early months I was after steak all the time. After a few meals of that I'd had enough though - I also had an iron deficiency for which I had tablets, so I guess I'd satiated my bloodlust.Vic Giordano-Bibby

Ice; I sucked it and crunched it whenever I could in the last couple of months! Apparently it can indicate low iron, which makes sense as I had to take an iron supplement in the last trimester.Lauren K-P

I craved meat and cheese a lot! Which was unsettling as I am vegan. I didn't give in to my cravings though!Crystal Serfaty

Food in general. Especially plain spaghetti.Sarah Weston

Cans of Coke- it couldn't be from a bottle, it HAD to be a can.Jazmin Balfour

I probably ate my body weight in cheesy Wotsits! When my morning sickness subsided I couldn’t stop thinking about pink sweet food… strawberry mousse, angel cake, marshmallows and candyfloss. I feel like this was Penelope trying to tell me she was a little girl!Holly Payne 

Salt for the first few weeks... Crisp sandwiches mainly. In the third trimester I craved lemons. I once took a trip to all of the local supermarkets and bought a cloudy lemonade from each one to find the most bitter. -  Amber Francesca

I craved curly fries!! And sometimes specific fruits like watermelon and strawberries.  - Amaris Arcus

I had some very weird ones: ice, toothpaste, chewing gum and, most bizarre of all, sponges (just chewing, not eating)! Turns out I actually had PICA which was caused by being anaemic.Sarah Hovell 

Did you share any of these cravings, or did you have any weird and wonderful ones? I was boring and didn't crave anything!

Hope you're all having good weeks! x

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