Monday, 1 December 2014

Pic of the week: #16

This week has been particularly uneventful due to both Joseph and I fighting the darn winter cold. We didn't go to a single baby group (I feel very out of touch!) and only ventured out of the house for the first time on Friday. It was like having a newborn again for the first half of the week- up at all hours of the night, only being able to get to sleep on either myself or Ruari, and being clingy during the days. I must admit that I have enjoyed those super-long sleepy-cuddles especially as I've had zero energy all week too, but I was reminded of the 'I can't get anything done' frustration.... Which is actually back in full force now that Joseph is fairly mobile (even though he can't crawl), he manages to cover a lot of distance when my back is turned somehow so I think I'm going to try him on the door bouncer again, or if that fails then I'll buy him a Jumperoo and it'll just mean we won't have space for a Christmas tree this year!

Anyway, as we were stuck indoors all week I thought I'd try Joseph on a bit of CBeebies on the telly as I've never actually watched it... and I think it blew his mind! He loves it and stares at the telly with his gob open (which is a sign of being super-engaged!) Mister Maker (which is a bit like Art Attack), Minibeast Adventures and Zingzillas (with their infactious theme tune) are stand outs for me. So here is a blurry one of the back of Josie's nog whilst he was watching Mister Maker make a bubble-wrap cactus... I hope he was making mental notes as I love a cactus, me!

Hope you had a good week! x

P.S. Sorry about the squiffy formatting, the Blogger app is rubbish! And I'm a bit annoyed at myself for not getting this posted before midnight, as I try to do these posts on a Sunday. Ah, who cares! N'night x

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