Sunday, 7 December 2014

Pic of the week: #17

I've struggled to pick a photo to sum up our week this week but I think that as I've had two boozy nights this weekend (my firsts since I found out I was pregnant however many months ago that was... 16?) so I guess this one of me leaving Joseph with his granny last night fits the bill even though I look weird! It also shows my fringe which I'd had cut in (along with a general haircut and darker colour). The fringe that the hairdresser did wasn't thick enough though so to avoid permenant 'fringe gap' I cut some more hair into it and now it's a little wonky... But, no gap and that's more important, haha!
Joseph's been a bit up and down with emotions this week- he'll be happy one minute then bawling his eyes out. He's also taken to hitting himself on the mouth with his hand which makes me think it's definitely his teeth... Unless he's learnt how to violently sign 'food'!

Here is a bonus picture of an emotional mealtime- I promise he was fine 30 seconds (if that) before and after this was taken! He seemed upset that the cheese hadn't gone into his mouth so when that was rectified, all was ok in the world. Poor wee mite!
Hope you've had a good week! xxx


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