Sunday, 14 December 2014

Pic of the week: #18

Josie-bear loves bath time and here he is before he got ill for the millionth time (I've lost count of the number of colds he's caught now). It seems like he recovers from one then he catches something else at the moment- his latest condition seems to be Hand, Foot & Mouth but we're going to the doctor to check tomorrow. He went to the doctors on Friday but the rash hadn't appeared by then- just a mild temperature and a cold so it was put down to being a generic virus but as some of the babies at baby groups have had it I'm pretty sure that's what it is and I'm sure it'll just pass. He seems mostly himself aside from being off his food but night times are definitely worse- he's been sleeping in bed with/on us for the last few nights because he keeps rolling over to sleep on his front but then snotting/dribbling all over his bed sheets then crying from the cold wet patch. At least when he sleeps on us that doesn't seem to happen and he gets some peace.
Anywho, I love this shot of him with his toys. It's so funny to see him sit up in the bath like a big boy. I also like how he leans forwards to collect them all so that they're all between his legs... Little hoarder! 

Hope you've had a good weekend xx


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