Sunday, 21 December 2014

Pic of the week: #19

This week has been a bit up & down... Joseph was diagnosed with Hand, Foot & Mouth on Monday but had gotten over the worst of it over the weekend and was improving each day. By Wednesday he was back to 100%, but I wasn't feeling too well at all! One thing that was bothering me (and I was feeling like a failure over) was the fact that Joseph didn't want to feed himself any solids anymore as he seemed to have gotten used to me feeding him purees and yoghurts where I just wanted him to have something rather than nothing seeing as he was off his food & milk during his illness. I thought I'd ruined our baby-led weaning but, when he was feeling more himself again, he started feeding himself again- phew! I also thought I'd ruined his ability to sleep in his own room and that he was reliant on coming into our room if he cried but, again, when he was better he amazed us and slept right through on his own. He's been back with us the last couple of nights where he's been screaming in pain over his teeth (the top four look ready to come down) so he's been a little clingy from the pain. My latest stick to beat myself with is over Joseph not yet drinking his milk from a cup. He drinks very small amounts of water from his bird beaker, but it has a valve in it which means he still sucks rather than sips, so I'm not sure if I'm giving him the sipping practice he needs. I'm trying not to worry, but I am conscious of it.

This week also saw Joseph turn eight months old and me turn 29 years old- gahhh!!! It also saw me contract Hand, Foot & Mouth which started off as feeling flu-ey for 24 hours, then having a horrificly sore throat for a few days with blisters on my hands and feet and a couple of mouth ulcers then appearing. The blisters feel like little paper cuts and when the first one appeared I assumed I'd cut myself on the edge of my packet of Strepsils! I felt at my worst on Tuesday night, and Wednesday was a long day but I felt better in myself by Thursday, which was when the blisters came and they're still here but aren't too much of a bother.

This week I also bankrupted myself by having a root canal filling not on the NHS despite having maternity exemption- where I'd been unsuccessful in finding an NHS dentist in the past, I started going to a private dentist who I now trust. So when my tooth started giving me hell just after my 24 hour flu, I didn't give the thought of looking for an NHS dentist who would take me on as an emergency patient too much thought as I didn't want to be waiting around nor risk them messing it up, and decided to just pay the tear-jerking sum of money. Someone later pointed out to me that I could've called the NHS Direct number and they'd have sent me to an emergency dentist, but I didn't think of that. I'm glad it's now done and my mouth is feeling better, but the prospect of spending that amount of money on a tooth ever again is terrifying so I'm going to look for an NHS-er. Amidst the illness and toothache, I was so happy and grateful to have been given a Solly Baby wrap and to have been chosen as a product tester for an amazing woven wrap company called Kokoro Textiles. So I'm super excited to be able to try out some alternative forms of babywearing to my Tula. I plan to write about babywearing soon.

 So, after all of that, it was a close one but my picture of the week is of Joseph sleeping peacefully on our bed on his 8-month-a-versary. I tried to think of thid when I had my filling, but it was hard to zone out past the drilling! I hope you've had a good week and I hope next week is a smoother and less emotional one for us!
Love xxx

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