Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Recent Purchases: #4

First up are some fugly plastic toys from Sainsbury's - I'm a total sucker for sensory toys and apparently these each tick numerous sensory boxes... however I threw the packaging away before I took the photos so I'm afraid I can't tell you which boxes they tick! Joseph loves the colour red, but they didn't have a red sensory ball so he's had to make do with an orange one but it turns out he's pretty into orange too - I think it reminds him of his current favourite fruit, the satsuma. He's also forever trying to grab my phone or the remote control, so I got him a contraption that could pass for both but, annoyingly, the volume on it is super quiet and it's not just my one as my friend has the same one and hers is really hush too. What is kind of cool is that you can set the sounds to either Spanish or French, as well as English, so I like to think Joseph might learn 1-10 in three languages... that is if he can hear them. And lastly some keys, because he likes mine too. The volume on these is much more appropriate.
As mentioned in a previous post, I went to London with my brother and passed by a Gap store which had a mega 40% Black Friday discount going and these are some of the bits I bought Joseph... The others have been given to my mum to wrap up for his Christmas present but included a couple of hoodies with ears on them (because I'm also a sucker for things with ears) and a bear 'bundler' (I'm not sure what that means but it looked cosy).
Christmas tree vest - £9.95
Bear hat - £7.95 (I think... I can't find it online)
Navy blue booties - £9.95
Christmas tree bib - £5
I also bought a few bits from Buddy & Bear as they had 20% off on Black Friday and free postage when you spend over £30. The giant santa sack isn't pictured as I couldn't fit it into a shot but I am going to try and get creative with it this week! The plate has already had lots of usage!
Silent Night longseleeve - £16
Melamine plate - £7
This was my Black Friday gift to myself by Fawn & Rose for £18 at an online store called Larch Living - I think they had 20% off so the discount basically overrode the postage. I have already had a few compliments on it and people asking me where it's from and then them not understanding what I'm saying when I say 'an online store called Larch Living'. 
These are some supplies that I bought from Boots for Joseph before we were struck with a cold a couple of weeks ago - the Snuffle Rub vapour rub and Nasosal saline nasal drops were incredibly handy. I've still not used the Anbesol but it came highly recommended - I've so far been using teething sachets and Bonjela which have been doing the trick so far. I thought I'd give Bickipegs a try as they're supposed to help with teething- they are basically just super hard biscuits for baby to gnaw on whilst being attached to a buttonhole, but I didn't find them particularly useful as they're only usable for 20 minutes at a time and the label says you need to be present in the room with the baby the whole time they have it as it's technically a food. I bought Brush Baby dental wipes because I figured that now Joseph has teeth we need to clean them... But, being the bad mum that I am, I haven't been able to bring myself to do it yet because I'm scared of hurting him as his gums seem tender. Ahh, I'll just do it tomorrow- he'll probably quite like it. I also bought Nuby plastic tubs for £1.99 as I thought they'd fit nicely into our changing bag - they kind of do but they're nothing special really.
So this is my most recent baby-related purchase as I'm trying to encourage Joseph to drink more water and his current cup just leaks everywhere. This is the Anyway Up Cup 'bird cup' by Haberman which I bought during my weekly shop in Morrisons for around £3.50, but I can't be sure. I was tempted by its close relative the 'moo cup' the other day, but when I caught word of a bird I decided to hold out. I tried it today but perhaps mistakenly poured boiling water straight into it to cool before giving to Joseph but it didn't seem to really like it so I'm not sure if it's meant for that - oops. Anyone else have trouble getting the handles in the right positions with handled bottles/beakers? Such a pain!
So there we have it for now! Do you have any of the same things that I've bought lately? What do you think of them? x

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  1. Yay, thanks for the Buddy and Bear purchase! I want to find a sensory ball too.. must keep an eye out. Love the Gap Christmas tree things too. We got to leggings but had to send them back as they were miles too big. Gap sizing is crazy! x


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