Monday, 12 January 2015

Guessing game

Each night when either Ruari or I check on Joseph whilst he's sleeping, we'll play a guessing game with each other: Joseph's sleeping position. Questions include the following, but as Joseph has been introducing new sleeping positions we've had to think outside the box a little more with our answers!

Arms up or down?
Facing the wall or the door? 
On his front or back? 

We don't even need to ask the questions anymore. For example last night I re-entered the room and said 'go on then' and Ruari said, 'on his front, facing the door, arms by his sides' and I said 'nope! On his side, facing the wall, hands out in front!' 

Does anyone else do this?!

This nap lasted 15 minutes. [Insert unimpressed emoji here]


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