Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Some truths and thoughts. Some of which aren't all that pretty.

  • when you turn up to your baby's swimming class and you realise you forgot to shave your armpits. It makes for a self-conscious 'around in a circle and up in the air' let me tell you!
  • when you turn up to your baby's swimming class and you realise you forgot to shave your legs an' all. Ah, they're under the water, no one will see!
  • when you look down at your boobs and see that there's even less of them now, nine months post-partum, than there was pre-pregnancy.
  • when your nipples just aren't right anymore. Maybe a bit scabby. There, I said it. I blame expressing. I should probably get that checked out.
  • when you can't stop eating sugar and you crack open the Ben&Jerry's when your baby's finally gone down for a nap. Screw the relentless housework. 
  • when you admit to yourself that you're eating ice cream before 11am. 
  • when you wonder how some mums just seem to have it totally nailed. Do they have doubts about everrryyythinggg too or do they actually think 'damn, I am nailing life right now!'
  • when your baby has made a total mess of their high chair and you have to try to figure out how to make the least amount of mess- 'do I wipe his hands or the tray first? Bib off or on?' 'Ah crap, weetabix on my fresh top' (who am I kidding, weetabix on my fresh-last-night pyjamas). 
  • when you wonder how, even with a pelican bib, a cover-all bib and a muslin on their lap, just HOW they always manage to get food on their thighs/ass.
  • when you just can't decide which filter to use on your latest Instagram picture.
  • when you decide to just not post it at all.
  • when you post it but hate it.
  • when you wonder how everyone else's photos look so darn good. Not just on their own, but as a collection.
  • when you curse yourself for not being arty.
  • when you decide 'ah screw it' but think the same thing the next day too.
  • when you think you might be over-thinking Instagram.
  • when you forget to record a milestone and curse yourself for being crap at recording milestones... and using your milestone cards.
  • when you look down at your hands and think 'i really need to sort out my nails/cuticles/dry skin' but never do.
  • when you count the sweetcorn kernels in your baby's nappy.
  • yup, I am disgusting! 

Just me?

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  1. How about when you open the nappy, there's one wetwipe left, he's grabbing for his bum and there's crap up his back? All very very valid points.

    1. Ahh yes there is that!!! Thank you for reading! I owe you an email- need to sit my ass down and concentrate! xx

  2. You're so lovely Nicky - bless you! You're doing a stellar job of being a mum - never forget that!
    Sammi xx

    1. You are the loveliest Sammi x thank you xx

  3. Awe this made me giggle! Too true lol x

  4. I think you're overthinking instagram ;) I love your feed as it is!
    Also, no mum has got it sussed, no matter how smooth and efficient they look to the outside world!
    Lauren | Belle du Brighton xx

    1. I think you're right on both fronts! Some people are veryyyy convincing though!! xx

  5. Haha, this is brilliant.

    Nodding my head lots here.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    1. Thank you for reading! Hehe, glad it's not all just me! x

  6. Oh the conundrum of a super mess on the high chair - a stage I don't miss! xx

  7. Shaving armpits/legs or any kind of 'maintenance' - yup! I'm there with you. It sounds like you're doing a great job at marking all those milestones though - just over-instagram and you should get them all ;)

    Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx


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