Sunday, 4 January 2015

Pic of the week: #20

Mum and I took Joseph out for a short spin on Friday- he was wrapped up in his new fleecey thingymajig that he got for Christmas and was happy to be out of the house. My mum had come over to free me up so I could get on with some much needed cleaning and decluttering but, long story short, a few things got in the way and ended up getting none of the things I wanted to done and ended the day feeling frustrated that I'd missed an opportunity to sort the house. We found out today that we'll get an answer on our planning permission on the 10th of February so that will be interesting and if we get it then it'll be even more motivation to uber-organise the home!

Just a short one tonight as we've been stressing over our Indian visas this evening (Ruari spotted a mistake in his application which he's already paid for) and researching how to go about formula feeding in Goa - we're going there next month- and generally how to keep a baby happy out there and on such a long journey. I am absolutely terrified but there is no getting out of it. I really, really, hope it will be ok.

I hope you've had a good weekend xxx



  1. Ah I know this feeling so well. Why do we get so annoyed about? Why can't we shrug it off and say oh well, I had a lovely time doing things with my baby who'll be big and not need me in like a blink of an eye? Not to mention enjoying the time with our Mums - it's so special. I had a massive freak out last night because I didn't want to finish the 'holiday's' with the house in a state and felt like I'd done none of the things I wanted to as everyone's been ill. Poor Jon was the one facing work the next day. So silly!
    Rambling, sorry. I keep meaning to comment but it always plays up on a phone. I've loved your last few weeks of posts. Really loved them. And as for Mummy Time - I think it's the mix of people that make it so interesting and honest xx

    1. Hi Sarah! Oh I'm glad it's not just me - it really is silly but I've been feeling like it so often lately that I've probably been awful company so no one has been a winner and my house is still a relentless mess... and I still haven't got my blog in the order that I want it to be in! Also, being poorly and having a poorly baby is just the worst and incredibly draining - there's no way you could have tackled everything over such a busy time when you were away as well.

      Thank you so much for commenting (I know how much of a pain it can be on the phone) and your feedback on Mummy Time - it means a lot and is really helpful. Perhaps both of us need to be nicer to ourselves today! xxx

    2. Yeah, I've been feeling it loads too. We should go easier on ourselves (I say with a deep self-loathing frown on my face after scoffing half a chocolate orange, looking in the mirror at my grey complexion and spot-clad chin and crying inside a little at the stupid thought I had of going for a run tonight. It's been three years since I last went and I could barely do it then. Why now?!). Now I'm going to sit on the sofa, play with Sammy and his new plastic dog, drink some tea and not feel annoyed about the piles of washing upstairs.... xx ps apologies for peppering your page with typos this morning - I didn't get to sleep till gone 4am from stressing about things i should be doing. Doh!! Go easier on yourself and your words lovely lady xx


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