Sunday, 11 January 2015

Pic of the week: #21

I escaped my house this weekend and went to stay and Ruari's parents' house, without Ruari. They probably think we're having marital problems or something - we're not - but I just couldn't face being at home alone, albeit with Joseph, for any part of the weekend so I ended up there. It was really nice and I feel almost like I had a proper weekend away and now I feel a bit more positive about the week ahead. We've got Water Babies tomorrow, having a tour of a potential nursery for Joseph on Tuesday and I'm doing a KIT day on Thursday for which I need to write my request to go down to four days a week. I am going to try and squeeze in some more blog posts (more than last week at least), general blog organisation that I wish I'd done from the start rather than almost 100 posts in, and perhaps go to a baby group or two if Joseph's morning nap allows. Speaking of naps, I was particularly pleased to get a decent amount of housework done on Friday whilst Joseph was napping - it was like the stars aligned - a perfect combination of the longest nap of Joseph's life combined with my peak in energy and motivation to get some cleaning done. I envy people who get two solid hours of nap time each day. There is a lady at a baby group I go to whose baby naps for two hours in the morning AND the afternoon. How amazing would that be?!?! Imagine what you could get done in four hours in the day time. For a start Joseph's meals would be much less thrown together than they are right now and there wouldn't be Weetabix stuck to my kitchen floor 99% of the time. I'd also have painted nails and neat cuticles.
I digress. This weeks' pic of the week is of Joseph's 'WTF' face. He pulled it this weekend and I'm not sure what I did to make him pull it, but I saw it when I scrolled through my camera roll and thought 'that's the one'.

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