Sunday, 18 January 2015

Pic of the week: 22

'evening! I hope you had a good week - they go so fast don't they?

Joseph picked up another cold late this week - thankfully it doesn't seem to be bothering him too much and hasn't interrupted his sleep as much as colds generally have done in the past, aside from one night where he had an hour of snuggles with Ruari at 12am, but I know from speaking to other baby-mamas that I am incredibly lucky to have a baby that sleeps through the night more often than not so I am not grumbling one bit! He has been refusing to let me wipe the dried snot from his face though, so that has been added to the dried Weetabix/ tomato sauce/ porridge vibe he (kind of embarrassingly) tends to rock on most days! This week's pic isn't the best picture as it was so dark but captures a moment that I don't want to forget - that of Joseph snuggling into his papa in a restaurant today, which was Ruari's highlight of the day (on Ruari's days off I tend to ask him what his favourite 'Joseph moment' of the day was!) Joseph loves his daddy and it's really very sweet.
I had intended to blog a little something every day this week which totally didn't happen, but tomorrow is a new week so I am going to do it! Yeah!

Let's be kind to ourselves this week mamas. x

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