Monday, 19 January 2015

The Hungry (nine month old) Caterpillar: #4

Joseph turned nine months old today and has now been eating food-food for 3.5 months. It feels like only yesterday I was freaking out over when to give him his first taste of food and what it should be. Needless to say, I've totally lost track of all the things he has eaten in that time - it was one of the things I wanted to document but it's scary how hard it is to keep up and remember. My brain seems unable to make mental notes any more, but that's a post for another day (or not!)

I have had periods where I've felt 'ok' with how I'm doing food-wise, in terms of feeding him, but overall it has been a real challenge and I still find myself wondering whether he's getting enough protein, or too much fruit and dairy. I also had a panic over how soon I should have moved to three meals a day and wondering if I was giving him enough opportunities to explore food, but in the end there wasn't a day where I just decided to feed him more, it just kind of happened.

As I got a couple of emails from mums who totally surprised me by saying that my weaning posts had been helpful, here is what Joseph ate today and how he ate it:


Weetabix - a single 'biscuit' covered in cow's milk, but not soaked. I'm yet to find the perfect balance between too dry and too soggy. Generally the dry side is better than the soggy mush side for JB. I tend to break it into three parts and put each bit in front of him until he's finished with it - be it dropped it, eaten it or smothered it on his face. I used to spoon it to him or be hovering around ready to scoop bits up for him, but in the last couple of weeks I've just been letting him feed himself. He seems to really enjoy his weetabix.

Awful angle - was trying to get a tooth shot!
Raisins - On Friday Joseph's girlfriend's mum* gave us some raisins to try and I was surprised at how much he liked them considering how he cried the last time he had one. So I have been giving him four or five each day over the last few days. I'm a little conscious of his teeth as I've heard they can stick in between the pegs so I give them to him as part of a meal rather than a snack throughout the day, as advised by a worker at the children's centre. She also said that I don't need to boil Joseph's drinking any more, just plain ol' tap water is fine and good for teeth as it has a bit of fluoride in it. He picks them up off his tray and feeds them to himself but we often get men falling/pushed overboard.

A satsuma - Joseph goes nuts for Satsumas. He will literally drop whatever he is holding if he spots me holding one and he's just started wimpering if you don't peel it and get some in his gob quick enough. I tend to hand him each segment one-by-one and he gets equally excited for each piece and looks genuinely upset when it's finished.

A yoghurt - because of said sadness following the end of the satsuma I felt like I needed to give him something else to ease the blow. I love Yeo Valley 'Little Yeo' yoghurts - they're a good size and I don't think they contain any nasties, but with 50 different names for sugar (as I've just found out) I'm not so sure. He has one spoon fed to him around every other day or so.


Vegetables - roasted sweet potato and carrots. Joseph's not a sweet potato fan it seems. Whenever I've served it to him it's almost like he doesn't register it as food. He's the same with eggs. He was into the carrot though and he also had a go on some broccoli. I also gave him a bit of my spicy Indian vegetable burger - a ready made thing from Morrisons which, again, doesn't appear to have any nasties. He wasn't into it though so I busted out Joseph's literal flavour of the week - sweetcorn. He blimmin' loves sweetcorn and I get a weird satisfaction from seeing it the next day - I think I've said that before, sorry (a. for being repetitive and, b. for being gross)! He lets you pop them into his mouth but he also picks them up and gets them in there on his own - often having to use both hands as they like to roll about - I love seeing his dexterity develop.

One from the other day as I didn't take any lunch pictures.

Soup - I made a batch of soup a few of weeks ago and I can't quite remember what it was! I'm pretty sure it's spicy sweet potato though. He had that - five ice cube squares worth - with a third of a slice of toast (he wasn't into his toast today). I spooned it to him and wondered whether he should be self-feeding.

Ella's Kitchen pouch - As a little dessert I gave him a small pouch of pureed prunes. When Joseph was poorly with HFM and we were housebound, the only thing I could get him to eat was suuuuper smooth food. I had a couple of pouches of puree in my cupboard and they were a hit so I asked my mum to pick me up a few more on her way over and so now she buys them allll the tiiime. I'm not complaining as he does like them, but I do wonder whether he gets confused about how he's supposed to eat or whether it's good that he does a bit of everything every day and maybe doesn't have any expectations. Anyway, he had that and sucked it straight from the pouch. I tend to hold it for him as he likes to just squeeze it really hard otherwise.

I only let him hold it when it's close to being finished. Less mess!
Milk feeds:

Joseph still has four bottles of formula milk a day, roughly at 7am, 11pm, 3pm and 6.30pm. I offer him 6oz per feed apart from the last feed which is 9oz but he doesn't always finish them. He has been on Aptamil 'stage two' Follow On Milk since he was 7 months old. I wasn't in a rush to move him on as I knew that first milk could be given for up to a year but my main concern was iron for him as he was only being offered meat on occasion so I feel assured that he's getting enough iron from this milk. Because he is still on quite a lot of milk I don't tend to give Joseph snacks throughout the day - there doesn't seem to be much time between his milk feeds and meals to give him snacks but I'm sure that will change when he starts dropping feeds.

So there we have it. I would be interested to know what your little ones meals consist of  - comment below if you fancy sharing!

Hope you had a good Monday and it wasn't blue x

P.S. He now has six teeth. SIX! Here's the worst photo ever... 
Sorry if this photo haunts you in secondary school, son. Ignore the haters!


  1. So interesting! I always worry about giving S too many yogurts and fruit purees but they're often the only thing he'll eat when he's poorly (which is all the time it seems!). He also goes nuts for satsumas. I think we need to try sweetcorn too! Well done on all the blw, I have to say, I haven't been so good at that... xx ps nice plate ;)

    1. Sorry to hear Sammy is poorly again. Joseph is snotty at the mo and today has only had 3oz of formula, a few spoons of porridge, a few crumbs of toast/bread but two Ella's pouches. I guess you just have to go with the flow when they are ill even if it's super sugary :-/ xxx

  2. Oh wow! Theo was obsessed with sweet potato, it was like a staple in our house so that shocks. Funny how they all have their own little taste buds! Love it xx

    1. Hehe, that is funny! Thank you for reading! Joseph loves banana whereas a few of his baby friends hate it. Will be interesting to see what else he likes and dislikes! xx


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