Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Instagram: Is your home as tidy as it appears online?

I asked my Insta-pals, and this is what they said:
  • F*ck no. @frazzlemcdazzle
  • No! My house is a shitheap out of shot. Pardon my swearing but seriously... I despair! @me_and_orla
  • Nope. @mummyfashionblogger
  • I should probably elaborate... We keep things fairly tidy but it's impossible to keep on top of everything in between work, baby, eating, living... So there's usually one room filled to the brim with crap. @frazzlemcdazzle
  • Nope. I wish it was. I move junk around to take photos. @alex_bettertogether
  • Never. @wild_isthewind 

I also asked...

Do you hide mess for photos? Do you let it all hang out? Are your photos carefully created and curated?

The general consensus was that peoples'  homes are clean but not necessarily tidy due to the challenges that family life presents. Dirty socks and ugly toys will get moved out of shot for Instagram photos, but for some people the mess can be part of the shot.

Curated toy mess. But I forgot to flip the turtle back over.
  • My home isn't tidy even in photos. @mrsdougan
  • Either the upstairs or downstairs of my house is tidy at any one time. You can tell by where the photo is taken which one that is at that point. @linziandalice
  • The only mess I love is a messy bed. For the photos I mix, but mostly just try to keep them as clean as possible, so if I see a dirty sock peeking I will crop the pic. @pinchtoys
  • I've definitely been known to crop out / blur background mess! @call_me_home 
  • As long as there's no dirty socks or whatever laying about I snap away! @belledubrighton
  • Definitely curated. My home is messs-yyyyy. @dustingknuckles 
  • I'm as untidy as hell but get OCDlike in photos. If there is something in the backgroud, be it a toy or an out-of-position branch then it gets moved. @wellsini 
  • Toy mess is fine but if it's because I need to clean up then I edit the hell out of it. My house is rarely tidy. Clean yes but not tidy. @cemjay23
  • No! I'm pretty sure nobody's is :) (I'd like to think so anyway). @sarah_weston_
  • I definitely hide the mess in my Instagram photos and have to judge angles when filming vlogs... My house is clean, it just gets very messy with 2 lively boys in it. @amyfbm
  • Not tidy at all! I only take photos in one corner. @thetinyacorn (brand rep extraordinaire, by the way)
  • I defo only take pics of the neat areas. @ohsewminny
  • I might go so far as moving a dirty nappy out of shot! @hannahsunited 
  • I am going to throw my hands up and admit we have a cleaner as we both work full time and it would be an Fing mess at home if not! @jazminbalfour
  • I have to say I avoid getting the more hideous toys in shot @life_as_coral
  • Sometimes the mess is neccessary for a good shot, maybe that IS the shot. What can I say, I went to art school. @themilkcollective

As for myself, I try to show as little of my home as possible as it always looks like a tip no matter how hard I try to keep on top of things! I tend to move unsightly objects out of the way or crop the photo so the clutter doesn't show (too much). Whilst I try to give my photos some thought, they are not carefully curated, but I really admire the work of those whose are. Glad to know now that I'm not the only one!

Is your home as tidy as it appears online? 


  1. Awesome post. I have to remind myself of this when I'm instagram feelin' sorry for myself! I'd love someone to do s series of the cropped/curated picture v the real picture.

  2. This is totally me, just move the mess off to the side when taking a pic. Great post.


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