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Mummy Time #28: Emily Ward

Sweet Emily lives in Australia with her beautiful daughter, Claire. She takes gorgeous photos of their life in Sydney and I've been envious of all their summer sun throughout our grey winter! (And you might now be envious of mine if you're following me on IG as we arrived in Goa last night!) I'm so glad that cockroaches aren't a problem in the UK - I don't think I could handle finding Joseph with one in his mouth! I hope you enjoy this week's post!


Who are you?
Hi, my name is Emily. I'm 22 years old and from Sydney, Australia. I am a single Mumma to my gorgeous Little One, Claire, who was born on 27/05/2013 and is currently 19 months old.

I work as an Admin/Payroll Officer and have worked there since I was 17. I returned to work after 10 months of maternity leave and my work were very supportive throughout everything. Returning to work was a big milestone for me, I hardly spent anytime away from my little one and was petrified about how she would react without me there and what would happen if she didn't feed, as I was still breast feeding at the time (first time mummy worries). Luckily enough for me my Mum was able to watch her for the three days a week I did return to work. At first the thought of returning to work made me full of anxiety but now I love it again, it's my time to socialise and be involved with society again.

How are you?
Right now I am in a really good place, it has taken me a little while to get here but it's only positive and good vibes from now on. I found it difficult at the start to accept that I was going this alone but spending everyday with my little one and watching her grow made me notice, I don't need someone to complete us, we are just perfect together as our own team. After I accepted this thought, I turned everything into a positive and started to look at only the good in all things.

How do you relax?
What do I do to relax? Hmmm, that’s a hard one. To relax I like to cuddle up with Claire and watch Disney movies, go for a little walk together or have our own little dance party. Something fun always relaxes me.

How does a typical day go? 
For when I'm not working, we both would usually wake up around 8-8:30 and soon grab some breakfast. Little Miss has a big appetite and loves to eat at least a whole banana, two pieces of toast and usually some of my breakfast. Then we would get dressed and ready to take on the day. We are big fans of visiting the park and walking up to the shops as it gets us both out in the fresh air and having a little exercise. After lunch and a bit of a play or watch tv (Peppa Pig is a favourite here). Claire will have a nap for about 2-3 hours. During this time is when the housework gets done or a bit of quiet time for me to focus on writing. Not long after Claire has awoken we have dinner, shower, have a bit of quiet time which is usually tv watching and a few books, then bed.


How was your pregnancy?
My pregnancy was actually great, I had no physical problems and as everyone told me I looked the same but with a gigantic beach ball for my tummy!

Did you have any cravings?
As bad as this is I craved McDonalds cheeseburgers and pineapple.

Did you find out what you were having?
I did! I couldn't not know!

How was your labour?
My labour came in very quickly. At first I didn't know I was in labour as the pain wasn't unbearable. After dinner the pain became worse so I went into the hospital at 8:50 and was taken straight into the monitoring area. I wasn't making noises or complaining so the nurse wanted to send me home, then all of a sudden my waters broke and I started giving birth in the monitoring area. I was wheeled into the birthing suite and 40 minutes later my Little Claire arrived. As I was giving birth I remember going into a trance and not taking notice of everything around me, I put my whole focus into getting this little person out and that's all that mattered. There was no time for any drugs or pain relief whatsoever but I did have to be cut as Little Miss wanted to come out into the world with one fist in the air. I fell in love straight away.


How did you get on with breastfeeding?
Breastfeeding I honestly loved. It created this special bond with my little one and I, and was also a time to sit down and relax a little. For the first two weeks we had a few latching problems but didn't take too long to fix up, soon we were feeding constantly (every two hours) and Little Miss was gaining weight like crazy. I breast fed Little Miss until she decided she no longer wanted to feed which was just after she turned one. I loved the feeling of always having food on hand and also made night time feeds so much easier, I only needed to place Little Miss next to me. I loved breast feeding and was so happy I was able to for that long

What does Claire eat?
Little Miss Claire's favourite foods are grapes, bananas, hot chips, rice, pineapple and sausages. She is also a big fan of putting sauce on everything! When I first started Little Miss on solids I gave her puréed fruits and vegetables but soon found out she much rathered testing and eating whole foods herself, so baby led weaning began. It was, and still is, messy but she loves it and eats so much more!

Does Claire have a sleep routine?
It took us a little while to get a good sleep routine going, roughly at about six months old, as she was always hungry and wished to be fed a lot. It slowly fell into place for us but a bit of learning how to self-settle was needed. Now she happily wakes up at around 8:30am, has a nap at 1 or 2pm for roughly 2-3 hours then off to bed around 9pm. Couldn’t be happier with her sleep pattern now

What are Claire’s favourite things to do?
She loves to dance to music, play at the park, paint or colour artwork and play outside with the dog.

At what age did Claire become more mobile?
Claire learnt to crawl at 6 months and was walking at 10 months, so everything was baby proofed from an early age. She's a little explorer and loves to get into all sorts of trouble, so not long after she learnt to crawl I invested into an extra large playpen (this thing was humongous!) so she was able to explore and play during the day without getting into any danger. Of course we had the usual incidents like half eating a cockroach and finding her standing on the tv cabinet hitting the big tv (trouble seems to be her middle name).


Does Claire have a favourite toy?
She doesn't have a favourite toy as she likes to go from one to another all the time, but she can't live without her Blankie as it helps to send her off to sleep.

What is your Claire's mode of transport?
The Pram is the most used baby transport, as we like to walk a lot and also check out the shops. If we don't have to walk far then Claire loves to walk by herself. I tried to use a baby carrier ever since Claire was little but she down right refused and hated it, always wanted to get into baby wearing.

What are your absolute essentials when you go out?
Nappies, wipes and Antibacterial lotion... You never know what can happen.

Where are your favourite places to shop for baby clothes?
I love Pumpkin Patch as their clothes are so sturdy and very pretty. I also love to buy Claire's clothes from small businesses, I find they are so different and too adorable, plus it's great to support the independent businesses around.


Do you have any tips you’d like to share with other mums or expectant mums?
Believe in yourself, you're doing the best you can! Enjoy every moment, especially when they are little and take notice of the small things and be in the moment with them.

Thank you for sharing, Emily! x

Instagram: @thesimpledaisy

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  1. Oh yay! I love Emily's blog and instagram feed, it was nice to read a bit more about her. it doesn't hurt that she is a fellow Sydney sider. Don't worry Summer is almost over so the sunny filled posts will soon stop


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