Sunday, 8 February 2015

Pic of the week: #25

How is it almost 11pm already?! Where does the time go? I'm just going to post a short one tonight as I'm a bit feeling unproductively anxious and need to just switch off and read my book. I started reading a book called Lean In by the female COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, shortly after I finished #GIRLBOSS (one strong woman to another) and it's taking me forever to finish. I have good intentions of getting to bed by 10pm and reading for an hour, but in reality that never happens and I go to bed at midnight having spent hours on either my phone or my laptop! I wonder what other peoples' evenings are like sometimes... How do you possibly get everything done and still have time and energy to read a book before sleep at a reasonable hour?!

Anywayyyy, there were lots of little highlights of this week:
  • A successful swimming class on Monday.
  • A content day being carried in the Tula around London on Tuesday. 
  • Bath time with Grandma on Wednesday. 
  • Watching the snow fall on Thursday.
  • A matchy-matchy whale of a time at Granny's on Friday night after a soft play day with Ruari,
  • A Dobbies lunch box and wrestling with Matilda on Saturday.
  • Our first family Wagamamas experience today... Joseph absolutely loved! edamame beans and even ate some noodles and chicken

Lowlights included:
  • Not having a seat on the train home from London followed by a post-antibiotics poo explosion once we finally did get a seat and the toilets being out of order!
  • Joseph launching himself out of my arms and head-first onto the floor yesterday (almost certain I had an actual heart attack but he was fine- I was sitting down so at least it wasn't as bad as falling from standing). 
  • An altercation with Marmite the cat today, resulting in two light scratches on either side of Joseph's face. Marmite was just so quick - they were happy in each other's company but Marmite appeared to reposition himself very suddenly - Joseph cried for a moment but stopped as soon as he was picked up. It was only a few minutes later that we saw the scratches, which sort of look like Joseph could've done them himself but he's quite far past the scratching-of-face phase and it seemed too coincidental. Joseph won't be going near Marmite for the foreseeable as I couldn't bear it if the scratches were worse.

So despite our lowlights, we had a really nice week and this week's picture is of Joseph having a nose around the conservatory as the snow fell on Thursday. He enjoyed climbing up on the futon and has generally been really enjoying using Ruari and I as climbing apparatus all week, and I love it- especially when he pauses for a hug and a quick suck on his thumb. It's so sweet!

I hope you've had a good week, and I hope someone tells me that they have also lost grip of their baby at one point or another, or that their cat has been unkind at times too? 

Good night! xxx

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  1. Sounds like you guys had a great week....! Much more productive that mine at least :). I can´t even remember when was the last time that I was able to open a book... x

    1. Thank you for stopping by and commenting and I'm sorry for the slow reply - can't believe it's Monday again already! xx

  2. Glad you managed to make it swimming last week and hope you had another successful lesson today! Amelia's been in wagamamas but I've never let her try anything, might have to do this as I quite fancy a Katsu curry now you've talked about fave!!! It's so scary when they jump/fall usually the adult that ends up in tears though rather than the child but still super scary! Thanks for linking up again! #MummyMonday xx

    1. Mmmm Katsu curry... I could eat at wagas every day! We only gave Joseph the insides of the edmame beans as they're so salty! You should definitely go soon! We might get J a kids meal next time but will check online to see if the salt levels are safe. Thanks for having me! xx

  3. Ooh no to the poo explosions- I have had so many of those in the past in awkward situations (well not me haha but you know what I mean!) Sounds like you had a busy and great week. I have been wanting to read both those books you mentioned above. x

    1. Thank you for stopping by Katie! Hahaha, yep I know what you mean! I'm still no further with Lean In, but perhaps on my holiday. #GIRLBOSS is a great one to dip in and out of- very easy to read if and when you have five! xx


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