Sunday, 22 February 2015

Pic of the week: #27

Hello! We got Joseph's chest checked on Monday after last weekend's worry but the doctor said it was all clear, just a cold and no reason not to fly. In the afternoon my dad brought my sister up from Eastbourne and we had lunch with my mum. In the evening my brother came over and we all said our goodbyes. On Tuesday Ruari and I had a morning of frantic laundry and packing (we were still drying clothes on the way to the airport) and we set caught our flight to Goa via Mumbai at 9pm. Goa is 5.5 hours ahead so we arrived on Wednesday evening and had dinner at the hotel. On Thursday we went to a 'Roce'- a traditional get-together at the bride's family home where some rituals were performed then on Friday we had a lazy day mostly by the pool and keeping Joseph entertained.

Ruari's brother got married yesterday and it was the most perfect wedding ever, with every detail planned to military precision... Fireworks went off as they were cutting the cake which was briefed to the cake-decorator using a PowerPoint presentation and a colour chart from Homebase to get the shade of French Grey just right! These guys are just incredible and so amazingly well suited. We cannot wait for the day that Joseph has a cousin!!

We are having a relaxed time here with Joseph's grandparents and great-grandparents on Ruari's side, and the now officially extended family. I am grateful for every second I spend in the heat as I know the weather has been horrible back home. Joseph's been coping so well with the change in temperature and environment- luckily it's not unbearable heat and we paid extra for a nice hotel to be on the safe side. We did have to call a doctor out for him yesterday though as I didn't like the sound of his cough again- thankfully his lungs are still clear, but his bronchioles and ears are a little congested so he is not to get his ears wet and he is to be given 10 droplets of decongestant twice a day. We've not had the doc's bill yet but the medicine was less than 50p! Annoyingly I accidentally left his amber teething anklet in the church during the ceremony (I was changing a pooey nappy in a side chapel during the vows), so it will be interesting to see how he gets on without it- I'll be able to say whether they really work! I really hope he doesn't suffer without it.

I plan to write more about our experience of taking a baby on a holiday such as this once I get back, but bear with me for the next week or so whilst I am out here.

So my pic of the week was tied between three.... One of Joseph napping in the Solly wrap when everything just felt perfect (before his cough started again), him in his wedding outfit, and one of him in his inflatable (all on my Instagram @onthechangingmat). The inflatable is adorable as his legs go through like in a baby walker, except he walks along he bottom of the pool- a bit like the Flintstones in their car! Actually, yeah, this is my favourite photo. I look a bit gross but I don't care! Look how happy he is!

I hope you had a good weekend. Sending love and sunshine from us in Goa x

(P.S. Once again, I apologise for the formatting if this post if it's squiffy... The Blogger app for iphone is rubbish!)


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