Monday, 2 February 2015

The things you do: #2

I keep trying to make mental notes of the things Joseph does that I love, but as my mental note capacity in non-existent (and I know it yet I still try to remember things) I fear I'll forget to add them here. So here's what I can remember and I'll write things down from now on for next month's!
  • The way you bang your hands on your high chair impatiently for food.
  • The way you bounce whilst you're eating something you really like.
  • The way a rice cake can solve (almost) everything. Even better if it has soft cheese on it.
  • The way you look me in the eyes and defiantly drop your slice of pepper / tomato / piece of scrambled egg over the edge of your tray.
  • The way you shake your head from side to side as if you've just taken a shot of strong whisky when really you've just had a spoonful of soup.
  • The way your hand hovers tentatively over something you want to touch when I shout 'JOSEPH!!' and you turn to look at me and either touch it anyway or retract your hand. (It's usually the horrid chrome on our electric fireplace or the cats' food bowl!)
  • The way you drag yourself up to get whatever it is you have your eyes on and when you finally get it you roll onto your back to inspect it. I call it the 'grab and roll'.
  • You love playing with your dad's slippers.
  • The way you hugged your swimming teacher today. You didn't want to let go and neither did she.
  • The way you hugged me today.
  • The way you say 'dada' when your dad comes home from work. Or when he isn't home. I wonder if you wish he was at that particular moment. 
  • You won't say 'dada' on demand though so mama can't show her friends in her phone!
  • The way you laugh when we throw our arms up in the air. We've found that brushing your teeth is now a two-man job - one of us has to be flailing around to get you to open up.
  • The way you go 'ooooh' and really smoosh your face up.
  • The way you squint your eyes at us, like the cats do. In a nice way; you're smiling as you do it.
  • The way you hold my hands if I hold them out to you and you pull yourself up to stand.
  • The way you follow me around the house.
  • You still love peekaboo.
  • The way you cry when you hurt yourself. It seems to be happening more often now you're mobile.
  • The way a cuddle from me can make you feel better and ready for more mischief within minutes.
  • The way you manage to find the smallest pieces of dirt in our carpets.
  • The way you crane your neck to see what's going on 'over there'.
  • The way you pose for photos. Sometimes.
You're the best x

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  1. Reading this post gave me a huge smile. I love so many things each month, week and day it's hard to remember them all!!

    1. Hi Alice! Thank you so much for reading! I am exactly the same! Sooo hard to remember! x

  2. Aww, what a sweet little post :) I have a toddler, now 20 months, and a rice cake will even now pretty much solve anything :) They are magic...

    Btw, I do a monthly roundup linky if you ever want to link up your baby development roundups in the future, this kind of a post would be perfect :) #madmidweekbloghop

  3. Aww, what a cheeky little chappy. Lovely list - it made me smile a lot! #TheList

  4. Love lists like this. I write a weekly gratitude list which is filled with things like this. So lovely huni. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x


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