Sunday, 22 March 2015

Buddy and Bear giveaway winners!

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway with Buddy and Bear! There were two winners from Twitter (@aurora27 and @jmsrowlands2) and one from Instagram (@lifeoflouly).

Being totally honest here; being the first giveaway I've ever hosted and having a bit of a personal connection with the brand, I was initially a little disheartened that the two Twitter winners were serial giveaway enter-ers (those whose timelines are purely tweets they've had to write for entries into competitions) and I came close to disqualifying them and re-drawing to get a name that I recognised and felt genuinely liked my blog and Buddy and Bear, but that felt wrong as I'd checked and they had won fairly and squarely. (Longest sentence and worst grammar ever, sorry.) I didn't re-draw in the end but just felt a bit uneasy about it all, wishing that someone who seemed more deserving had won and wondered whether other bloggers re-draw when that happens.

Anyway, it just so happened that the #pbloggers (parenting bloggers) chat on Twitter this evening was an 'open mic' to ask questions about blogging or parenting. So, I asked how others felt about serial giveaway enter-ers winning their giveaways and, interestingly, I heard a few perspectives; those who don't mind; those who hate it when that happens; those who hate it especially when they hear that winners just sell the stuff they've won, and those who are or were professional competition enter-ers 'pro-compers' but also bloggers themselves.

Overall I feel better about the whole thing; yes, some people have social media accounts set up purely for giveaways but there were reports of these people becoming regular readers and genuine fans of your blog/brand you're promoting, and some give away their winnings to people, friends, neighbours who are in need. I suppose that if a pro comper is also a blogger then they might actually blog about the thing that they won and garner further exposure for the brand, and perhaps even you as the original blogger... I like to think so anyway. Those who sell on their winnings were felt to be in the minority, but one blogger said someone had won the rugby tickets they were giving away and heard they'd sold them for £700!! (How annoying!!) I now feel like they're not just these faceless people who don't actually care about what they're entering into and, afterall, it must take some serious effort to enter into all these competitions and remember to track their entries in the first place.

TLDR? Congratulations to the three winners! I don't mind that the two Twitter winners enter lots of competitions, but I wish that everyone could win. I heart Buddy and Bear.... And here's a pic of mine and Sarah's feet from when we met this week!

I apologise for the offences committed to the English language in this post. My grammar is horrific.

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  1. Oh I am sad I didn't win :( but congrats to the winner.

    I am running my first proper competition too and I have mixed feelings about serial compers too. But I want it to be fair so I guess when I draw the winner, what will be, will be.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx


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