Sunday, 22 March 2015

Pic of the week: #31

Two posts in one night? I know, right? But I can't guarantee this one will be of decent quality as it's almost 11pm and I'm tired. However, I feel I must add a 'pic of the week' now as I'll never get round it to once the kraken awakens (and subsequently stays awake until 8pm with a 20 minute nap in between if I'm lucky). As much as the days can sometimes feel long, and I find myself gasping for a tea and some time to reply to emails/comments and read blogs, at least he's a good night-time sleeper (and has the cutest wee face) so for that I'm grateful. Oh and I'm fully aware that my life won't always be like this with the impending return to work a-looming.

This week has been another tearful one with me crying into my cereal on a number of mornings and not wanting to leave the house, but I kinda feel like I've turned a corner again with the help of seeing two of my friends today who always make me feel a little better; Emma and Sammi, oh and Bruno Mars. I think I'm just going to have to stick Uptown Funk on whenever I feel the tears welling up from now on. I'll let you know how that goes.

So, my week...

Monday; can't remember what I did but probably stayed indoors (worst mum ever). Tuesday; left Joseph with Ruari's mum and went to London to meet Sarah aka Buddy and Bear at a Mothers Meeting (business club edition) and initially didn't feel too crap about myself and lack of entrepreneurial spirit, but then suddenly did. I think I just need to accept I'm not an entrepreneur, or at all business-minded, and that doesn't make me a shit person. Meeting Sarah was great and she was lovely and meeting someone from IG IRL for the first time wasn't as terrifying as I expected. Wednesday; can't remember... oh, Water Babies (that's the only reason I left the house), Thursday; went to my mum's house in the afternoon, Friday; dragged myself out of the house and went to creche-y style play group in the afternoon where Joseph cried after me the whole time and I then roped my mum into helping me with my housework as I was struggling to keep on top of it all as Joseph has been on nap strike this week unless it's on a human. He didn't go to bed until 9.30pm that night!! Yesterday I forced myself out of the house and visited Ruari at work (he's worked every day bar one since we've been back from Goa); he and Joseph had the funniest moment with an apple whilst watching the rugby... I'll try to embed it here but it's also on my Instagram. Lemme know if you want to see the full version! Today; yeah, Emma picked us up and we visited Sammi who apparently lives in a different weather system where it's t-shirt weather - seriously we were sweating from the heat and needed sunglasses. (Where is this mystical place you ask? Surrey.) Joseph did a record number of poos today - pretty sure he's teething and I keep forgetting to put his amber anklet on (worst mum point again there). We drank tea and lemonade, ate pizza and cake, talked babies, holidays and getting stuff done avec bebs. It was a lovely day and I love those two.
So here's hoping for a happier week and my pic of this week is a re-gram from Sammi of Joseph with Casey and Matilda. Yeahh!

Oh, P.S. There are some awards going for bloggers. I don't understand them. But if you do and you'd like to nominate me for one, then that would be in.cred.i.ble. Here are the categories but I guess I'm perhaps a 'fresh voice' as I've been around for less than a year. You can nominate using this form - I think you can just fill out one category if you're just nominating one blog, i.e. mine {insert giggling monkey emoji here}.
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  1. Ah lovely, I know the feeling, instagram can make me feel like that at times too- there are some such incredible women who are so creative! But we are all fabulous in our own ways! xx

  2. aww I totally agree with Katie's comment above, pretty much exactly what I was going to say!!

    thanks for joining in on #mummymonday :) love, Gemma - host xo


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