Sunday, 29 March 2015

Pic of the week: #32

Another week, another dreary post. You won't want to read it. Basically, I was tired but I've been given a rest and I now need to snap out of my rut and be positive. Here's a positive photo:

This week was tough, but I've realised that all the things that made it tough are just part and parcel of motherhood. I'm no different to every other mum out there. They have babies who refuse naps, or will only nap on a human (or some other way that is often inconvenient), make a mess every meal time, love taking things out of cupboards and playing with things they shouldn't. Every other mum also has a constant battle with the housework, laundry pile, the empty fridge and food cupboards the state of their nails and appearance in general. Every other mum feels like they have a never-ending to-do list and feels frustrated that they can't do the things that they want to. I've got half-written blog posts in my drafts that I can't seem to get in the frame of mind to finish, I've got products I need to review, plans I need to make regarding the extension we're supposed to be building this year, I've got books and leaflets I want to read, and I've got friends and family members who want to get a decent conversation out of me. Yet I am managing to deliver on exactly zero of these fronts and I feel like I'm barely managing to be a decent mum to Joseph sometimes.

I hit a low point on Thursday where I actually felt like I was having a panic attack. I won't go into it but I just never want to feel like that again. It wasn't a good place to be. I've been staying at Ruari's parents' house for a couple of days to get away from the frustration at my house and to avoid being alone whilst Ruari is in Belgium this weekend. I brought my laundry pile to do here and, of course, Joseph. 

Today Ruari's mum plucked Joseph from my bed when he woke up at 6.30am and she fed him and played with him downstairs and let me lay in til 9am. I had breakfast in peace whilst Joseph napped on her instead of me; I had a shower without Joseph trying to gnaw at the toilet seat hinge and I went to the loo without Joseph climbing on my legs. I also dried my hair. With a hairdryer. We all went into town after a chilled out lunch and I even had my nails done whilst Fiona took him around some shops for an hour. We met back up for a coffee and we then bought him some gifts for his upcoming birthday from Waterstones and Sainsburys. We came back to the house and fed him his dinner. We skipped bath time as it was getting late and he went to bed at 8pm. The laundry pile has been tackled, my brother has been to my house to feed the cats, and a couple of blog posts have been worked on. It has been a much needed break. Thank God for grannies. Seriously.

Tomorrow I'm going back home. Ruari gets back on Monday night and then will be working all week. Joseph will probably refuse naps, there'll be mess everywhere and my laundry pile will be back to looking how it did last week, but I guess that's motherhood and I need to get used to it! Oh, and there's now officially less than a month left of my maternity leave, so as tough as it gets sometimes I need to remember to savour it as it'll be over in a flash and no doubt it'll be tough in a new way once I start back at work and the faff that is childcare will begin.

No, Nic, be positive! Everything will be ok!

Please leave your tips for getting things done / time management / laundry management / food management / life management in the comments below! x


  1. I don't have any tips because I am also ridiculously behind on absolutely everything! But it's been so stressful here lately too. I think everyone needs it to be sunny and outdoorsy so we can all feel a bit better. Indigo has been a complete nightmare the last month or so and its really taking it's toll on us! The others have had lots going on too. You're definitely not alone in this nicki, motherhood is hard going!!!!!! 💛💛💛

    1. Thank you for your comment Hannah. Sorry to hear it's been tough your end too. I read that Thurston has had lots more appointments. I hope things ease up soon xxx p.s. sorry for slow reply x

  2. Getting things done… I don’t get things done. If any Mum gets things done, please share your secret!!

    Time management… we’re always late. “We’re going to be late for XXXX” is my most used phrase now. I was so prompt, early in fact before having children.

    Laundry… how is there SO MUCH laundry?? I now get my three year old to sort it in to colours for me, saves me a job & keeps him occupied whilst I’m getting ready in the morning!! I seem to be doing a full load every other day or so though, it’s just ridiculous!

    Food management… my kids love pasta, I love pasta, Tesco sells pasta in gigantic bags, if in doubt, cook pasta! (If I was more organised I’d do meal planning & order my food shopping online… one day…)

    Life management… nope, I’m drawing a blank there too..!!

    You are not alone Xx

    1. Thank you for your comment Sarah. Glad to hear I'm not alone in just not seeming to be able to get anything done. The only chance I seem to get to work on my blog is ungodly hours and them I'm shattered in the morning. I am only managing the 'bare bones' of blogging for me whereas I'd love to be writing engaging content and pushing myself with my writing. And finally blimmin' writing about my holiday tips and reusable nappy trials!! Gahhh!

      The laundry is just relentless isn't it. Joseph mucks up two 'day' outfits per day - I have bought so many pairs of the same £3 supermarket jeans just to save having to think about what he should wear or anything not going with whatever!

      I'm so with you on the online shopping - I tried it once and hated it. I would love to just have my staple list saved and rebought at the click of a mouse. I think Tesco do it actually but they're not my favourite supermarket anymore.

      Pasta - yes! Joseph loves pasta too. I should just do that.

      Thank you again for the comment. I hope you're well. xx


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