Sunday, 8 March 2015

Pic(s) of the week: #29

This week was all about staving away those post-holiday blues and, I must say that I managed pretty well... and the watermelon necklace helped!
Joseph woke up a couple of times during the night we arrived home (last Sunday) but I wasn't surprised as his body clock was all over the place. Thankfully we still had some sterile bottles and pre-made formula leftover so I could just feed him and he could catch some more Zs. Somehow I think he managed to sleep something crazy like 20 hours of a 24 hour period - the travelling must've really taken it out of him. I was really pleased to see that his appetite hadn't gone completely awry as he wolfed down the biggest bowl of porridge he's ever eaten on Monday morning, before happily playing with his toys. I took him to the doctor to have Joseph's chest checked (still clear, thank God) but he prescribed some olive oil ear drops as they were full of wax. We then met my mum and brother for lunch and I can't remember what happened after that... I probably passed out after he went to bed later that evening!
On Tuesday I was prepared to get back on the usual baby-group circuit, but my mum-friend informed me that one of the private schools in Canterbury was hosting free a messy play group session. (I know their game but in three years time I'm certain we still won't be able to afford private nursery!)  I felt distinctly un-posh and misplaced when I pulled up in their carpark looking jet-lagged and dishevelled, ten minutes late and with Joseph still in his pyjamas. To be fair, it started reeeally early (9.30am) and I figured I'd rather get Joseph's pyjamas mucky than a proper outfit. I put Joseph straight into the bug-filled jelly pit. As per, when he goes to new places, it took him a while to get warmed up but he eventually started eating the jelly before I moved him into the considerably less tasty shaving foam pit and painting areas!

On Wednesday we had a peaceful day indoors. We stopped in to see my mum before going to Water Babies. Joseph really isn't keen on going underwater at all. Eek.

On Thursday I did a KIT day at work and caught up with a friend at lunch. Ruari took care of Joseph and they had a lads day in Folkestone.
On Friday we met up with two of our baby group friends and tried out a trampolining group. Yeah, I know, right?! I had no idea what to expect either, but there were babies and kids there up to the age of about 10 (I can never tell how old these kids are). There were around five huge trampolines in a great big warehouse, a seated cafe area and foam-matted a toy area. Initially I sat on a trampoline and gently bounced whilst Joseph climbed on me. I then had a bounce whilst standing up and holding him. His favourite trampoline was one that was covered in mats so was easy for him to crawl and clamber over and he especially liked the foamy dividers between the various trampolines. The only thing I didn't like about the whole thing was the height... If he went over the edge or got knocked over by someone's bouncing then there's a lonnng way to go. Shudder. Afterwards we had lunch at Morrison's before heading to a baby development course run by the StaySure baby group. I left Joseph in the creche for 1.5 hours whilst I learned about some stuff that I couldn't concentrate on because I was too busy listening out for Joseph. The creche staff (two of which we know from baby groups) had to fetch me a couple of times as Joseph was inconsolable (most likely tired). Both times he perked up within a minute of seeing me, but when I collected him once the class had finished, he was crying again and he did the post-big-cry sob sounds which sound a bit like sad hiccups. I'm supposed to be leaving him again next Friday but I'm not sure I can do it! I figure it's good practice for when he goes to nursery and I'm certain that he was only upset as he'd not had a nap.
On Saturday we spent the afternoon in a part of Kent I've not visited in the four years I've lived here but is renowned for being sunny; Broadstairs. I'm going to save the photos details for another post. Not that it'll be of interest to anyone else but it was a perfect few hours that I want to remember.
Today Joseph and I met up with Emma and Matilda at a local wildlife park. It was so funny to see how gracefully Matilda nibbled on her sandwiches compared to how Joseph was just ramming them into his face hole. Boys, eh? I loved the peacocks, especially the one that said hello to Joseph after lunch but I was too slow to take a photo. The flamingos were soooo pink and there was so many adorable wee monkeys of all different kinds. I never know how I really feel about zoos and places such as these, and I was saddened to see a raccoon who appeared to be anxiously pacing between two fence posts which were only a meter apart. From a selfish point of view I bought an annual pass so I can go whenever I need to, er, go somewhere, so I plan to find out more about their ethics.
Tonight Ruari and I had an Indian take away. We've been home for a week now so it only seemed right, and it tasted darn good! Ruari started his 15 day stint at work today so I am planning to keep busy again this week starting with as trip to the coast in the morning.

Thank you for reading and I hope you had a good week! xx

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  1. You are a busy girl but sounds like you have lots of fun. Glad you got back safely from travels.

  2. I hope you had the most AMAZING trip! I can't believe it's been and gone. That messy painting play looks like fun and I love your watermelon necklace- gorgeous! x

  3. Oh my - your necklace is gorgeous!!!!! What a lovely week you've had - love the sunshine painting and Joseph's painting was fab!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx


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